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Debby does nLite

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"But hey, I'm old (42) and prolly out of fasion. "

Let's see; counting backwards, carry the 3... Looks like you're a child of the 80's. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't even the straight guys wear as much make-up as the girls back then? If your fashion sense was developed about that time, I'd think you'd be used to the "I am what I am" concept. ;)


"Wow you bake cookies, motorcycle and use nlite! Can you vaccum also? "

No, but I can sure mop the floor with you. :yes:

Arctic, babe: You're making this too easy. You gotta stop handing me the straight lines, I'm killin' you here. ;)


"wow this thread is bonkers

What's nLite? "

It's you guys getting nLite(ened) by a paintballing feminine biker chick who bakes (and sews). :w00t:

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@debby-Grats on getting a good disk done and since you don't appear to have introduced yourself in the "Introduce Yourself" forum: Welcome to MSFN!

@bledd- good job.

I appreciate debby's effort here from the human point of view.


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Debby, you might want to use the quote box. It gets hard to follow what's you saying something and what's someone being quoted. Look at the bottom of every post. There's a two quote buttons. One will open a new reply with the post already quoted, the other will add the quote to your quote list and when you hit reply at the bottom, add all the quotes you "added up" to the message. Just a tip! ;)

Example quote. Quotes look like this. See how much easier it is to distinguish from the text?
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