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Debby does nLite


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Hey guys, new girl here. :hello:

Sorry for the suggestive topic, but it did get you read my post.

My name is Debby, and I have a problem.

My ex-boyfriend built me a computer, and the hard drive died.

I decided to move up to SATA drives and mirror them with RAID, so I bought a pair of Maxtor 250s.

The problem is that I need to install the SATA drivers and the Promise RAID drivers through the Floppy Drive for the computer to recognize the SATA drives, but the Floppy seems to be broken at the Motherboard (I had a friend from work check it with a new cable and drive, still didn’t work). The ex never installed the drivers, since it never used SATA before.

So, since nLite doesn’t need the Floppy, I figured I would just download and burn all the drivers onto a disc and boot from the DVD drive. :thumbup

Didn’t work. :thumbdown

I followed the instructions from the beginners guide sticky, but all I get is a flashing cursor. I’ve looked at the disc on my laptop, and it has information on it, so I don’t know what I did wrong.

Please help!! :yes:

Computer Specs:


AMD Socket 754 Athlon64 3200+

ATI 9800 All in Wonder

Windows XP SP2

Please let me know if you need any more information.


Debby :wub:

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The SATA drivers were downloaded from MSI's website. The numbers (more or less) matched what is written on the floppy that came with the board, but who knows if it is wrong/bad. :unsure:

I'm making cookies right now, :w00t: and can't do the download for another 1.5 hours or so (6 dozen cookies takes time, after all).

Thank you so much for your help!! :wub:

I'll let you know when I've got them.


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whooot lill female charm does the trick anytime :P -

but a - i guess my g/f doesn't relate to it really...

btw i did notice that you first Read the G#$#$ manual before asking,

so i hope that you got your pc working again, if not, get back here soon and next time ill hope to be noticing these kinds of posts a bit sooner ...

Happy Easter...

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Hey guys,

Sorry to post so late; I got hung up at work. <_<

I'm gonna get a bite, feed the kitty, then download the .exe and create a new disc. :thumbup

Give me about an hour and I'll let you know how it's going. And I'll respond to all your posts.

Thanks again,



"btw i did notice that you first Read the G#$#$ manual before asking..."

I am a proper lady, and as such, I have no idea what G#$#$ means (nor do I care to). :angel

And while you claim to have a girlfriend, I notice that you're up at 2:43 in the morning. Perhaps she was offended by G#$#$ also.



"Good one debby. But my guess is that 99% of the guys here don't know Dallas."

I've been hearing about Dallas since I was little, but I've never seen it. Perhaps you could describe it for us? :whistle:

To all,

I'm creating the install disc on the other laptop as I type this (I did mention I'm an Octopus, didn't I?), and should know soon if it works.

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I was :lol: before I even clicked this topic.

Debby does nLite... no, I think nLite is doing you. :P

If you want to give the ISO SATA support without a floppy disk,

integrate the Bashrat The Sneaky driverpack "MassStorage"

AFTER you have done whatever you are doing with nLite.

Its really easy slipstreaming Bashrats drivers... don't be shy,

I know you're not, lol...

Download this: BASE

Download this: SATA Driverpack

Extract the BASE. Don't extract the drivers, just put the 7z file, as it is, inside the

"driverpacks" folder that the BASE spits out, then open the BASE program, its all

very easy from then on, just choose all the defaults and tick the "Textmode" box.

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I've been hearing about Dallas since I was little, but I've never seen it. Perhaps you could describe it for us? :whistle:

Ah, nothing special. It's just like all the others. You know, bake some cookies and then bake some more. Occasionally they would bake some oatmeal cookies for variety. It was a fair hit in it's day. Any greater description and I would get banned. :ph34r::P Your view count is getting pretty good on this thread. You in advertising? lol

Oh, I hope your next attempt to burn a successful disk is good. We are all waiting. Don't forget to be informative on what you have done to be successful(like you need to be told).


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