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[Release] Windows XP PowerPacker v1.0 RC9


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Thanks, Siginet! Glad you're still working! :D

I don't think I'll ever stop working on PowerPacker. ;) It was still getting about a thousand downloads a month even though I haven't released anything in so long. So it's obviouslly still my most popular software that I have created.

Of course the integrator gets a lot of downloads too... but that is because there is a new updatepack every month. ;)

I have a good feeling RC9 will become the final v1.0 Windows XP PowerPacker. ;)

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Well, it's been many months since I've visited MSFN, and perhaps even longer since I've visited this particular forum.

I feel by now that many people in the Windows community have switched over to Vista (even with its many shortcomings and the complaints that people have lodged against it). Nevertheless, have you any news about a possible future stable release of the XP PowerPacker (i.e., v1.0 final)?

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I actually plan on doing some long overdue work on PowerPacker very soon. I really want to make XP PowerPacker go final. It still amazes me that Windows XP PowerPacker still averages about 3,000 downloads a month. And I haven't released anything new for a very long time.

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