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  1. Hi nuhi! Is the XP SP2 amdk6.sys missing problem fixed?
  2. finally a reply! I had stopped checking this thread for some time now and when i saw there was a reply! Well does anybody know if the issue is fixed?
  3. Hello nuhi! First of all good work ! I have a little suggestion for you from all of us dial-up users. Will you please keep the language pack separate and provide only Enlish nLite download mirror? Since that will save much space even the or the last one without the languages was compressed in just ~1.5MB saving about half MB! Looking forward to your reply nuhi !
  4. Hello no reply yet! :angry: Can't anybody help me?
  5. I tried enabling and disabling SFC but it won't help it! And also I tested it today on my friends brand new HP PC with Sony DVD-Writer. But I came out fruitless. And also I "USE" nLite! So my ISO size is 450-500 MB's in size!!!!!!
  6. Thanks for the solution but it didn't resolve the problem.
  7. I looked for those files in the CD-ROM and I found them there.
  8. I even tried it on my friends computer which is bought 2 days before I started this topic. I had waited for posting the topic for testing it on a new system.
  9. I am using XP SP2 english version with RyanVM 2.1.7 update pack. Files that are reported to be corrupt:- amdk6.sys,ntoskrnl.exe and many about 200 files are reported to be corrupt! And also I tried burning with Nero 7 with nLite and many more but fruitless! Please help! I can attach my last session.ini
  10. I have tried nLiting my Windows XP SP2 with RyanVM's pack about 7-8 times. But in every disc and in every version some files always cause the problem. I have read nLite's guide. I even tried downloading the nLite setup file many times if the copy I had were corrupt but futile. I can't figure out what went wrong. Please help me!!!
  11. There is some software on net called Vystal. It transforms windows borders into Vista like. Search the net and u will get. it I have tested it and found working. For taskbar and windows use, Glass2k!
  12. i have a 56k speed. So i can't download it. Please help me build it.
  13. Please help me making a DirectX 9 addon or slupstreaming dx9 into xp setup
  14. Is there anybody able to help me???????????????????????

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