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to integrate WMP11in nlite


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Hi users

I want's to ask that which file should add in nlite to integrate WMP11 in xp ? :rolleyes:

Why uninstall information is remain in windows? Is there is possible to ie7 and wmp11 integrate in xp and no uninstall information is remain in xp. It directly replace the source files of xp. If this possible :w00t:

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here is the last of my wmp11 addons. this addons directly integrates Windows Media Player 11 into Windows source.

they also contains fixes for OOBE issues and THEME issues (that appeared after wmp 11 integration)

dont remove wmp6.4 and wmp with nlite. this is not uninstallable.


this addon contains all files from wmp 11 original installer. so it contains wga. works with xpsp2 and mce2005


md5 hash: 3F8D786FA2EFB5318BD05F9FE794D7A0


this addon contains wmp 11 files and my icon and tweaks


md5 hash: 52C022CCBBC8759B1884B796B13F98E0

download here


PS this is called true addon because it doesnt contain a silent installer....it directly replaces and adds wmp11 files to the windows source.

as for OOBE and Theme issues please search nlite forum ...it was disscused there..... :rolleyes:

also check my new wmp11 slipstreamer: WMP11 Slipstreamer

size: 1.99Mb

hash: 9B2BC5A80F14A6F86B1144475FF349CB

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I use boooggy WMP11 addon it is nice that directly replace source files. But i want;s to ask which file should be add in nlite? There are multipal files in Slipstream folder. I extract orignal WMP11 file by winrar.

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if u use the addons, u just have to add one of them in the hotfixes and addons page of nlite.

if u use my wmp11 slipstreamer just add the wmp 11 installer u downloaded from m$ in the hotfix page of nlite.

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When I added WMP11 installer to nLite's hot fixes and ran nLite (with WMP11 Slipstream installed on my system) a dialog box appeared asking whether I wanted to run the application or cancel it. Which should I choose to run or cancel?

I couldn't find documentation on this behavior and have not been able to test my slipstreamed OS to confirm whether it works. (I chose to "run" the application.)




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boooggy i like your addon bc it directly replace source files. But My question is if i use wmp11.exe and extract it with winrar then which file i add in nlite?

none cause nlite cant do it by itself.

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Ok it's mean that i should use your addon........ that's i like very much.

If there is same addon for IE7 ? That directly replace source files.

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