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  1. I was stuck, too but just got vLite to run by doing the following: 1) I installed the X86 inf from this application: http://rapidshare.com/files/137751695/WIMGAPI.rar.html (I found the instructions for this here: http://www.msfn.org/board/WIM-Filter-t121987.html) 2) I manually copied these two files, wimfltr.sys and wimgapi.dll, from the same X86 folder and placed them in the vLite folder. When I followed only step #1, vLite failed to run. When I did both steps (even though it seems redundant), vLite runs. But now vLite crashes when I try to identify folders and reports a "Mounting Image Error: Make sure your temp folder in Options is not a networked drive". This error persists even after I associate another temp folder in vLite. ErgoMan
  2. nLite did a fantastic job of slipstreaming my OS! All seems to be good except I couldn't get the ATI Multimedia Center to display my TV signal. After calling up the Multimedia Center, it fails. Has anyone else had this problem? I think I was fairly conservative on removing components but am not sure enough about dependencies to be sure I didn't cause the problem. I searched the forum but couldn't find any references to the same problem. Thanks, ErgoMan LAST_SESSION_U.INI LAST_SESSION.INI
  3. When I added WMP11 installer to nLite's hot fixes and ran nLite (with WMP11 Slipstream installed on my system) a dialog box appeared asking whether I wanted to run the application or cancel it. Which should I choose to run or cancel? I couldn't find documentation on this behavior and have not been able to test my slipstreamed OS to confirm whether it works. (I chose to "run" the application.) Thanks, Don (ErgoMan)
  4. Carillo, Thanks a million! I suspected it was something very foolish on my part. I will try this when I get home from work. Don (ErgoMan)
  5. Hi, I am having a problem that I am sure is something I am doing wrong. I have used previous versions of nLite to successfully slipstream my OS but did all of the adjustments in one nLite session. This time I am using v 1.3 and use four sessions: Session 1 - integrate SP2 + several hot fixes, Session 2 - integrate many hot fixes, Session 3 - integrate WMP 11 via WMP 11 Slipstream and Session 4 - integrate IE7 + 2 IE7 Hotfixes + component removal and tweaks. It seems like on the last run the Autorun.inf and Setup.exe files dissappear from my source directory. Previously when I used nLite to integrate SP2 and all of my hotfixes in the same session I had no problem. This time I decided to split the job over multiple sessions being carefully not to remove any components until my final run. I monitored the source file on all runs except the final one and saw the autorun.inf and setup.exe files. I assumed everything was OK and failed to check after the last run, prior to executing a direct burn of the slipstreamed OS. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? And, am I correct in assuming that I can change my approach and use one session to do this work, going back to integrate components until the last pass? I attached the log of the last session. Since the OS I am integrating is an upgrade, I decided to use an attended installation. Thanks, ErgoMan Last_Session.ini

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