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My Custom Cd Image Tool


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A long time ago i made a batch file that would make an iso file and optionally burn it for you. It works fine, except for the last part that burns to cd. To make the iso file, make sure cdimage.exe is in the same folder as batch file. Also, grab cdburn.exe and dvdburn.exe from the win2k3 reskit.

Download it here

It's great for newbies that don't want to type commands from a dos prompt. If someone wants to fix the burn code i would appreciate it.


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gosh, could you email me a copy of cdburn.exe and dvdburn.exe if they're not too big. Will add your script to the site if you don't mind. (aaronxp at MSFN dot org)

b0r3d - With what I've heard about WinISO/UltraISO lately, I would recommend you don't use it anymore. I've explained in another thread but can't find it atm

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Seek an ye shall find...

I think I found what I was looking for regarding the troubles with UltraIso.

AaronXP said:

In the next update I won't be providing empty ISOs any longer, nor will I suggest to use WinISO or UltraISO due to the way it badly handles ISO Images.

Because when you edit an ISO to remove a file and add a new one, the file itself is never actually removed, only the markers to it. This often bloats up the ISO image more when it's not its true size. There is also the problem where the ISO may reference to an old file rather than the new file when doing file replacements in WinISO/UltraISO (which has yet to happen to me, but it could at some point).

I tested this out by opening one of my iso build images and deleteing all the files. Did a save and had an empty iso that was 400 MB. Did a save as and it shrunk to 64 kb.

So the fix for the bloat should be to save as. As far as referencing incorrect files, I havent seen that yet.

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Everyone can choose to use WinISO/UltraISO if they wish. There's a small number of people that never have any luck using these kind of programs, as on some occasions it can crash or render the ISO unbootable.

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