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  1. Use rasdial: RASDIAL entryname username password
  2. It's actually something I'm very reluctant to explore. The last time I used their 'MediaDirect' software, which they put on the same partition, it deleted my entire second partition and I lost 70Gb of data.
  3. My laptop came with a hidden partition, which contains a ghost image of the OS with factory settings. Problem is, it's installed with all of Dell's bloatware. This got me thinking, would there be any way for me to create an unattended CD, then put it on partition and hide it, only to have it bootable from a menu?
  4. Check out http://www.aximsite.com/ They'll probably have some relevant info. They might not have released a WM2005 update for your PPC. I'm stuck with WM2003SE on my iMate JAM.
  5. I¡¦m looking for a few people to review my site, http://www.blue-surf.com. The site is for a project I¡¦m currently doing, and doesn¡¦t actually sell T-Shirts. If you could just fill out the small feedback for by using the ¡¥Contact¡¦ button on the navbar, I¡¦d appreciate it ƒº
  6. Erm, i think you forgot the punchline
  7. It probably just hides the referrer string, so the site your downloading from thinks you've opened a new window, then pasted the url in
  8. I did it yesterday, was easier than I thought, seeing as I didn't read the book that the exam was on, I think I did quite well to write 7 pages
  9. I have my chshell menu all set up with different options, but is there any way I can set a network share up to load the loader.bin in the \cdshell directory. I already have my boot order on the other PCs set to Removable devices, CDROM, Network, HDD
  10. How would I go about getting my cpu meter to look like this... I've got as far as changing the bitmaps so the graphic part is blue, but How would I change the text, or the grids. The guy who originally posted Here has completely customised task manager, I've searched through the file but I can't find a string for the colour. I've asked on neow!n and aquasoft, the board it was originally posted on, but had no reply.
  11. A quick question about Transparent, is just having a copy of the winntbbu.dll (and .dl_ ver of course) from 2003 enough to make any setup transparent? Any regkey or command needed to activate transparent mode for a completely scripted install? I'm guessing that unfortunately transparency isn't active for the RunOnceEx section. Is the file winnt32u.dll from XP or 2003, and what sections or effects are you going for by modifying it? Excellent work on your screens, especially the simple but effective color change to the pulse bar; every change I've tried to it has sucked, mainly from trying to shrink small gif icons down to size. I think I'll take your example and stick to simple color co-ordinated changes. DogMeat Thanks for the compliments I modified winnt32u.dll from XP to change the dialog box in that screen shot, you only see it when you're using an atended method (I have a multiboot CD so I use both). Using the 2003 probably wouldn't cause any harm but I don't see the need to because there's no transparency in the box
  12. Geckotek, you're using mine aren't you, its because I edited the background on those logos to match the gradient background I used. Try using unmodded ones or get some from the MS site
  13. I asked a while ago, nobody knew. I fixed it by adding a black layer directly above my layer (in your case it would be the white part). Then lowering the opacity to about 20%. It will turn it to a sort of grey so you can see the text
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