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How To: Not Install Core Os Componants

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look in the registry guide post. (the one that has 15 pages it tells you in there how to disable it using a reghack.)

Are you talking about Windows Tour here? Man, if there was a sure way to not only disallow its install, but to prevent XP from even mentioning it at the first startup at all, I'd be chuffed.

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The Windows Tour is something I find SO highly annoying I broke down and edited hivesft.inf in my install source. Simply adding this line in the [AddReg] section will turn it off permanently for all users.

HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Tour","RunCount",0x00010003,0    ;Added 21 May 2003

Generally I will try to keep my changes to more detached methods such as [GuiRunOnce] in unattend.txt and the like (to protect against future service packs) but I wanted to make sure that there would be NO way I would ever see that tour again, no matter what my install method.

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I used this:

Remove Movie maker

Delete moviemk.in_ from i386 folder

Download moviemk.inf and save it into i386 folder

Now when you install XP you won't have movie maker

Remove net meeting

Delete MSNETMTG.IN_ from i386 folder

Download MSNETMTG.INF to i386 folder

Now ms netmeeting is gone

But the files, are not removed (they are however empty)

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