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Running Xp on an USB drive


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The memory controller in the Xilinx FPGA operates at 100MHz (DDR200) and can actually support up to 8GB of memory. However, Gigabyte says that the i-RAM card itself only supports 4GB of DDR SDRAM.
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Perhaps useful to someone. I don't know if it is my boot priority list or other bios settings which makes this strange behaviour:

Yesterday when I booted up a Windows 2003 CD with the USB-memory in the usb-port at boot time, it didn't show up as drive to install it to, but when I booted up the Windows 2003 CD without the USB-memory in the usb-port, but put it in after the Windows 2003 setup begun, it showed up as a drive to install Windows to.

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I want to be able to use an Usb hard drive. Don't understand your post. :unsure:

Wow, I totally misread that. I do apologize.

Anyway, so just buy an external HDD. I once got a Maxtor FireWire HDD... did that ever suck... but that was way back when...

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Also, don't forget the "automated" tool to do that, here:



Though I haven't tested latest releases, early ones did work rather well, so that the new improved ones should be almost perfect.

Version change(s)


integrated driveguard component that selectively makes USB drives seen as non-removable and optionally allows the use of pagefiles on these devices


added support for Windows 2000


added support for Microsoft EWF filter


added console output of error-messages to ARCguard - made some changes to simplify USBoot.ini


optimized USBoot.ini & USBoot.inf - added output of error messages to ARCguard


integrated ARCguard component that will make the use of special versions of ntdetect obsolete in some if not most cases and will allow limited experiments in cross-booting


fixed an error that occurred when transferring an installation without volume shadows


incorporated usage of volume shadows to be able to copy an installation from within itself - removed all time limits


first version released

I must find the time to try it with Win2K...


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