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Vlite Bluescreen of Death


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actually i tried the new vlite .7 Beta and installed it on my Vista Business RTM.

After launching vlite, i can choose the installation Folder, wich works perfect and then choose my Vista Version.

After commiting this, i get an BOD. What can this be.

My System.

Vista RTM Business

Demon Tools 4.xx

AVK 2007 Virus Scanner.

These are the only running processes on my machine, that are not from Vista orignal.

Sorry for my bad english

Kind Regards


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Hm Ok, I tried the deamon tools and it didn't break, so it really may be the antiviruses. Will try, thx.

Also keep testing this, whoever has this issue, it's weird one.

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Most antiviruses install a filesystem filter driver as part of the detection component. My theory is that the filter driver is somehow causing ntfs.sys to crash when you're using vLite (no idea why though).


I'm sure nuhi's more than capable of debugging the code himself ;).

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Markus1972, yes I'm aware of that and I have tried everything, simply can't make it to BSOD.

If you could do some testing it would be very appreciated.

For example you could install XP SP2 without anything installed and try it, it won't BSOD, then, other reported, some of the installed programs does that, maybe even a tweak, who can tell. If I had the BSOD it would be fixed, I'm so annoyed by this, and I believe it's true, got the report from 4-5 people by now, other probably just saw the report and felt like no point in repeating...

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Hi nuhi,

first. I checked my Hardware and my memory and tried bugfix something by myself.

my results:

Clean Vista without anything installed. NO BSOD


XP with Virusscanner BSOD

Vsta with Virusscanner BSOD. So, i think it is the Virusscanner.

Here is a link for on Beta Trial Version for Vista. Hope this helps


Zugangsdaten für Updates:

User: 100B2B75

Password: CU79E5

If i can help you with anything more, ask.

kind regards


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