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[Release] Adaptec ASPI Layer 4.71.2 True Addon


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ASPI for Win32 Overview

The architecture of SCSI makes it possible to access a wide variety of devices using a single bus linked to a host

computer with a SCSI host adapter. Support for peripheral devices in Windows (98, ME, NT, 2000 and Windows

XP (32-bit)) is normally achieved through device specific drivers layered on top of the operating systems’ native

SCSI support.

Because of the tremendous diversity of SCSI devices, no driver can support all SCSI peripherals. Instead,

separate drivers are needed for each major class of installed SCSI device. These drivers share the host adapter

hardware through the operating systems’ native SCSI support. The native SCSI layers are different between

Windows 98/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP (32-bit). In addition, development and debugging of VxDs or kernel

mode drivers can be very difficult. The need for a standard SCSI programming interface to simplify SCSI

application development and ease the porting of SCSI applications from one Win32 platform to another brought

ASPI for Win32 into existence.

The Advanced SCSI Programming Interface (ASPI) for Win32 was designed to increase compatibility and

simplify the connection of SCSI peripheral devices like tape, CD-ROM, WORM, magneto-optical, scanners, and

other devices. It defines a protocol for SCSI applications (called ASPI modules) to submit I/O requests to a

single operating system driver (called the ASPI manager). Access to the operating system driver is made

through a Dynamic Link Library named WNASPI32.DLL.

Apparently. That's from the aspi32.pdf included with the original installer. For the rest, all I know is that the Adaptec ASPI layer is as close to 'the standard' as you can get. I don't know how it compares to Nero's.

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Can I use this on WinXP Pro x64?


I found the original ASPI driver setup of adaptec, there are x64 drivers.

how can I edit the already integrated add on?

What file do I need to edit to change the 32bit to 64bit?


I edited DOSNET.INF, changed aspi32 to aspi64

also replaced the aspi32 files with aspi64 files.

Is this enough boooggy?

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Please, can you explain me what stepes i must do to make them integrated in the windows XP cd source ? Do i have to copy the files in I386, and that's all ? Do i have to put the cab in the addon nlite app ?

Thank you very much, i am a true BIGginer ^^

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I just tried integrating this via Integrator 1.5.1 and after installation I used ASPI check and it shows nothing installed.

Are others still using this Addon with 1.5.1?

Here is the order of integration:

RyanVM update only

WMP11 slipstream

WGAV and DX9


ASPI, dotNet All-in-One, and Java6

Each of these steps had its own /I386 directory and I just kept building upon each build so that I could go back at any point in the builds. I think I might just try adding ASPI addon all on its own in one of my builds and prior to the dotNET and Java stuff and see what happens.

If I have an application that requires looking for this ASPI layer, then how do I force one Addon to come before another AddOn?

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