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  1. I have to say I was surprised at what little software I purchase as there are now so many great free applications. But this is a list of what I felt that the commercial solution offered something better: Arcsoft Total Media Theater VideoReDo TVSuite Version 4 with H.264 Zentimo Mariner Paperless or Orpalis PaperScan xPlorer 2 Movie Collector Pro by Collectorz Photodex ProShow TBS Cover Editor Adobe Lightroom I am real curious to see what others post here.
  2. First off thanks for all your AddOns you tend to make sure to cover all of the top shareware. Here are some top ones that have had some new versions released recently and new updated AddOns would be much appreciated. PicPick has new version out there - v2.3.3 (2010-07-30) http://picpick.wiziple.net/download SyncBackSE V5.9.1.11 (June 2010) http://www.2brightsparks.com/syncback/sbse-changes.html Real Alternative 2.02 http://www.free-codecs.com/download/real_alternative.htm Also any chance you might be able to create an AddOn for FrostWire? http://www.frostwire.com/
  3. Working like a charm now from ROE. As Always, Thanks Geej and for the lesson on those 7z parms. I knew about 7split and have it in the SendTo menu but I was not familiar with the parms. One day soon I may contribute an AddOn of my own until then I keep learning.
  4. Ok, I can take this approach then if this is the swtichless installer. Most of the time with switchless installers they mention to use -ai switch to keep them silent. You mention not using the swtich to keep it silent, is that correct? Just eant to verify. Also, in the config.txt, what is the values of %%S and %%M ? Thanks for your assistance.
  5. I am running into a timing issue with this and my RunOnce programs. I have a cleanup that is always supposed to run last, but the registry ROE entry for Macrium is just the name so it runs last after my numbered entries. So I wanted to see if maybe I could extract the installer from this and just set it up myself to ROE so I have control on when it runs at ROE. But I extracted this and I noticed that its not your common silent installer with switches. I see there are all the files that make up the program files dir in the archive, but then there are these files: I notice that MacriumReflectscript.exe is an AutoIt script. So since its compiled I am not sure what it does or what the msi is there for. Can you maybe explain or if possible post the AutoIt script. Or what would be just helpful would also be the option of just a plain silent installer to download if one prefers to control the ROE themselves. Thanks again for all your great releases.
  6. Wow, that was quick. Thanks much. BTW- I noticed its a RunOnceEx type Addon. If I add with the RVMIntegrator is there anything I need to do to get it to run at RunOnceEx step?
  7. There have been many updates to this tool. Any change for an update? Release History: What's new? v4.2.2097: * Windows 7 - Mount images over a network share Update to correct the 'File not found' message when mounting a disk image or file backup over a password protected network share. * Server 2003/2008 and all x64 versions of Windows - Simultaneous Shadow Copies of multiple volumes When multiple partitions are selected for imaging, VSS now creates simultaneous shadow copies of all selected volumes. This enables all VSS writers to participate in the shadow copy if more than one volume is required for the writer and the volumes are included in the shadow copy. * BitLocker - Macrium Reflect can now image BitLockered volumes on Windows 7 and Vista Images will contain encrypted data if the Volume is locked and unencrypted data if the volume is unlocked. * Reflect now uses its own registry key for Shadow Copy file initiation Previously the default Microsoft registry entry was used. This caused 'DVR-MS' files to be excluded from shadow copies for some Windows Media Center editions of Windows. DVR-MS files are Media Center recording files. Bug fixes: * Program crash if a FAT32 partition had a file cluster mapped beyond the end of the file system This has been resolved. * Problem mounting an image after more than 127 incrementals or differentials This has been resolved. * Double encryption for file and folder backups A file and folder backup with no compression and AES encryption would be encrypted twice. This has been resolved. Existing backups with this error can now be read and and restored. What's new? v4.2.2082: * BartPE plug-in update The BartPE plug-in can now create as well as restore as disk images. The BartPE plug-in is only available for XP 32 bit installations. * Windows PE update - Registered users only The Windows PE rescue CD can now create as well as restore as disk images. Note: Please click the 'Updates' button in the 'Rescue CD Wizard' to complete this update. * Linux CD update The Linux rescue CD has been updated to kernel There was a problem mounting FAT32 drives using the previous Linux release. This has now been resolved. Bug fixes: * File and folder restore modified time Restored files could be given the wrong last modified time. This problem was caused by incorrect time zone information. What's new? v4.2.2076: * Linux rescue CD update - 2.0.197 The Linux rescue CD has been updated with the latest Linux kernel ( This adds support for a greater range of disk controllers and network interface cards. * Update for Windows 7 boot menu Full edition only: The Windows PE 2.0 boot menu has been updated to work with Windows 7. * XML password encryption Full edition only: Passwords saved in the XML backup definition file can now be encrypted. This is a user defined option that is turned on by default. * Scheduled tasks can now be created for domain admins Entering 'domain\username' for the default scheduled task user, enables scheduled tasks to run using a domain account. * Scheduled tasks can now be created for the local 'SYSTEM' account Entering 'SYSTEM', with no password, for the default scheduled task user enables scheduled tasks to run using the local SYSTEM account. * Smaller incremental images Restore points are now excluded from images. This makes incremental images smaller as a restore point is created prior to creating a Volume Snapshot. * File and folder backup can now backup and restore security restricted files. Full edition only: Files contained in 'Private' directories can now be backed up and restored without changing the NTFS permissions to allow access. * Prevent Vista sleep event during backup Reflect will prevent Vista enering a sleep state while a backup or image is running. Bug fixes: * 'Windows did not shutdown properly' message displayed for a restored Vista partition. A restored Vista partition now boots cleanly into the Windows logon screen. * Program crash when running Reflect via a remote desktop session. Reflect could occasionally crash when started during a remote desktop session. * A BitLocker encrypted file system would only create a 'Clone' partition. A BitLockered file system now only includes used clusters in the image file. * 'Intel Embedded Turbo' memory problem. A PC using Intel Embedded Turbo memory would cause Reflect to crash at startup. * Program crash when a user has no groups associated with their user profile. Reflect would crash at startup if a user existed on the PC with no groups associated in the user profile. * NTFS corrupt attribute list Reflect could crash at startup if a local file system had a corrupt attribute list in the root directory. * $VOLUME MFT record corrupt Reflect could crash at startup if the NTFS $VOLUME MFT record was corrupt. What's new? v4.2.2055: * Linux rescue CD update - 2.0.187 The Linux rescue CD has been updated with the latest Linux kernel ( This adds support for a greater range of disk controllers and network interface cards. Bug fixes: * Clean drive dismount Windows XP only - When overwriting a partition during a restore it was sometimes necessary to reboot Windows to see the restored partition. Reflect can now cleanly dismount the overwritten partition. * File name problem after 99 file increments After more than 99 increments the auto generated image and backup file name could become corrupt. This issue has been resolved. * Network transfer speed Direct disk write has been disabled for network images and backups. Some network implementations suffered serious performance degradation with file system cache write though enabled. * Incremental and differential image CRC errors Incremental and differential disk images could trigger a CRC error if the imaged disk had bad sectors. Incremental and differential images now refer to a bad cluster map and avoid reading damaged disk sectors.
  8. Well its close to Jan 2010 and another version of WPI is released, the archive found out on the internet for this tool is corrupted, and no updates. I still think this is a pretty useful tool to batch convert many AddOns and I have used Delphi. I did locate the sourcecode at: http://www.boot-land.net/forums/?showtopic=4233 Or direct link to source here: http://www.nunobrito.eu/files/addons2wpi-sourcecode.7z But I would like the authors go ahead for others to modify source and start a new release thread when its updated to support new WPI version. Of course while giving credits to original author in post and in tools GUI. There was no accompanying readme or license.txt in the source code, so this is why I am asking. Also maybe the author has a TODO list or items that need fixing etc. Maybe someone who has used this tool with new WPI version can post here as to whats broke (error messages), etc. I know I read somewhere that there are some issues using it in Vista. Maybe someone can outline for me what has changed with the WPI format since this program was released as that will make it easier to update. I have emailed orginal author of this tool to see if he responds.
  9. I really would love to use the program but could not find any guides or help. Say I have a SFX config file like below: How do I use the tool to enter this information and create the EXE? Also what does create Nlite Addon do, is that grab the entries file from somewhere?
  10. Why not just use this AutoIt script? Also you could even package up the Nero Installer and the compiled AutoIt into a single SFX silent EXE using this tool
  11. I cracked open the archive and noticed that FWOnly.EXE is a compiled AutoIt script. I have some experience with AutoIt. I can certainly help contribute, but can you post the AutoIt script in the first post so others can assist or PM me. Also shouldn't the file name have "AddOn" somewhere in it to work with Integrator?
  12. Here are some more customization code examples: ; Disable Nero Patent Activation (JFC) If $NPA = 1 Then $SharedDlls = "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDlls" FileDelete(@CommonFilesDir & "\Ahead\Lib\NeroPatentActivation.exe") RegDelete($SharedDlls, @CommonFilesDir & "\Ahead\Lib\NeroPatentActivation.exe") EndIf ; Remove Nero Vision Media Content (frees up 120 MB) - JFC If $RVC = 1 Then $VDIR = "\Nero\Nero 7\Nero Vision\" DirRemove( @ProgramFilesDir & $VDIR & "3DAnimations\Menus\4_3", 1) DirRemove( @ProgramFilesDir & $VDIR & "3DAnimations\Menus\16_9", 1) DirCreate( @ProgramFilesDir & $VDIR & "3DAnimations\Menus\4_3") DirCreate( @ProgramFilesDir & $VDIR & "3DAnimations\Menus\16_9") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & $VDIR & "Pictures\*.*") If FileExists(@ProgramFilesDir & $VDIR & "Video\black.avi") Then FileCopy( @ProgramFilesDir & $VDIR & "Video\black.avi", @ProgramFilesDir & $VDIR & "Video\black.bak") EndIf FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & $VDIR & "Video\*.avi") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & $VDIR & "Video\*.mpg") If FileExists(@ProgramFilesDir & $VDIR & "Video\black.bak") Then FileCopy( @ProgramFilesDir & $VDIR & "Video\black.bak", @ProgramFilesDir & $VDIR & "Video\black.avi") EndIf EndIf
  13. Here is an example of the Language removal code: #include <Array.au3> #include <Constants.au3> #include <File.au3> #include <Misc.au3> ; Select Languages Files for removal (can free up 350 MB if using only one language!!) ; ; Value of 1 means remove this lang. ; Change to 0 for the languages you wish to keep ; NOTE: ENG (English is always kept by default) $LANG_CHS = 1 $LANG_CHT = 1 $LANG_CSY = 1 $LANG_DAN = 1 $LANG_DEU = 1 $LANG_ELL = 1 $LANG_ESL = 1 $LANG_ESP = 0 $LANG_FIN = 1 $LANG_FRA = 1 $LANG_HRV = 1 $LANG_HUN = 1 $LANG_ITA = 1 $LANG_JPN = 1 $LANG_KOR = 1 $LANG_NLD = 1 $LANG_NOR = 1 $LANG_PLK = 1 $LANG_PTB = 1 $LANG_PTG = 1 $LANG_RUS = 1 $LANG_SKY = 1 $LANG_SLV = 1 $LANG_SVE = 1 $LANG_THA = 1 $LANG_TRK = 1 ; Remove Languages Files (JFC) Dim $LangOpt[2][26] = [[$LANG_CHS,$LANG_CHT,$LANG_CSY,$LANG_DAN,$LANG_DEU,$LANG_ELL,$LANG_ESL, _ $LANG_ESP,$LANG_FIN, $LANG_FRA,$LANG_HRV,$LANG_HUN,$LANG_ITA,$LANG_JPN,$LANG_KOR,$LANG_NLD, _ $LANG_NOR,$LANG_PLK,$LANG_PTB, $LANG_PTG,$LANG_RUS,$LANG_SKY,$LANG_SLV,$LANG_SVE, _ $LANG_THA,$LANG_TRK], ["CHS","CHT","CSY","DAN", "DEU","ELL","ESL","ESP","FIN","FRA","HRV", _ "HUN","ITA","JPN","KOR","NLD","NOR","PLK","PTB","PTG","RUS","SKY","SLV", "SVE","THA","TRK"]] For $k = 0 To UBound($LangOpt, 2) - 1 If $LangOpt[0][$k] = 1 Then _Remove_Lang($LangOpt[1][$k]) EndIf Next Func _Remove_Lang($lang_prefix) FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Nero\Nero 7\Core\BCGCBProRes" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Nero\Nero 7\Core\Nero" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Nero\Nero 7\Core\*_" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Nero\Nero 7\Adobe\*_" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Nero\Nero 7\Nero StartSmart\*_" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Nero\Nero 7\Nero Toolkit\*_" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Nero\Nero 7\Nero CoverDesigner\*_" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Nero\Nero 7\Nero CoverDesigner\*-" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Nero\Nero 7\Nero Recode\*_" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Nero\Nero 7\Nero Recode\*-" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Nero\Nero 7\Nero Vision\*_" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Nero\Nero 7\Nero Vision\*-" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Nero\Nero 7\Nero WaveEditor\*_" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Nero\Nero 7\Nero WaveEditor\*-" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Common Files\Ahead\Nero 7\Eula\*_" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Common Files\Ahead\Lib\*_" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Common Files\Ahead\Lib\*-" & $lang_prefix & ".*") FileDelete ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Common Files\Ahead\Nero Web\*_" & $lang_prefix & ".*") Return EndFunc;==> _Remove_Lang()
  14. Anyone know is CEoCEo still active in this thread or forum? I have made some updates to the Nero 7 script that others may be interested in but I don't want to upset CEoCEo by posting it in this thread without his permission. Of course the script will still contain his header and credits unchanged. I added the following features. Some of these were borrowed from the CEoCEo Nero 8 script. Also, plan to add an Advanced menu to the Nero Start Menu which gives 2 programs: 1) Unregister all Nero codecs 2) Register all Nero codecs This will give people the ability to unregister codecs that might be causing problems with other video editing or video player apps. Then re-register them when needed. It might also be useful to create a shortcut that has a launcher for Nero ROM, Recode, Vision, Smart Start that when executed first re-registers all the codecs and then launches the program. I am thinking the shortcut would actually be to an Auto-It script that kicks off the program, but not sure if that would be the best way to do it. I also first need to test and make sure that after an un-register and re-register that the codecs and plugins still retain the licensing/registration information so they are active and ready to use and do not require re-registering.
  15. Can you post the AutoIt script or PM it to me for those who want to customize it. I wanted to add some additional reg tweak settings and integrate a hosts block file.
  16. I use Nero 7, does this mean I cannot add my AutoIt script that I use to install it to WPI? Or can this be done but once Nero is installed then I cannot run WPI on this machine. Is there any way to fix this on a system with Nero 7 other then removing Nero 7. Is there maybe a certain component in Nero 7 that does this, that is, does something like Nero Lite still cause problems for WPI?
  17. How about just attaching the source to the first post in the project and other Delphi developers like myself can assist you with the conversion or add features. Also will this tool work at converting true-addons that are executed using INF files?
  18. Someone posted a link to a CMENU 2.6.EXE file and since I cannot get the file in the first post to download, its the only one I have. But I am hesitant to run it without a confirmed MD5. Can someone post an MD5 for version 2.6 EXE.
  19. It all depends on how the program manages its preferences and options. Normally its either via the registry or an INI file. If its an INI file then that's easy, all you do is crack open the installer archive using some tool and edit the ini file entries that you want to change and then pack it all up again. If its registry entries that a application uses then you need to use INF commands to add these. This guide here is a good start on how to do this. I am not sure about the best tool to use to unpack and repack installers, but maybe some else here can comment.
  20. An AddOn for this was posted here. Anyone try the addon yet in an install? I ran across this tool as well and it seems to overcome that obstacle that people using RegShot 1.82 wanted to use it for. Anyone heard of this RegFromApp tool or use it? Also - Anyone know of a tool like this that can also monitor DLL and OCX codec registrations. So one can avoid "Codec Hell" I know that regsvr32 is a command used most often to register/unregister codecs. I am going to try and attempt a way to only load the codecs that Nero needs for its Nero Recode to function and then be able to unload them when I am done. Since I believe Nero can often load alot of codecs that may effect other programs.
  21. One concern I have is that the 2 versions significantly differ in sizes. See below. So just what is packed in that latest version of Nero? I opened the EXE using 7-Zip and the size differences seem to be in the CAB files. I know that older versions on Nero 6 used to offer Nero Vision/Recode as a separate download. Can someone who uses the older confirm that it does include Nero Vision/Recode. And if so then what is making it such a big difference in size. Maybe its this Nero Sipps or something else. Nero- MD5: E7C94A757600BD631807692B7BCD2BA4 Size: 173 MB (182,002,016 bytes) Nero- MD5: C930907465AC02EE33522E01A80F0A6A Size: 388 MB (406,903,544 bytes)
  22. Thanks for confirmation on the hash. How long have you been using 7 and does it seem stable? What do you choose to install or avoid? Looks like latest version is, have you upgraded to this version? Just wondering if maybe they just added more bloat in the newer version. I only use Recode and use Nero for audio CD creation and Cover Designer. Not much else. I wanted to use this AutoIt script since all the Lite versions never include Recode which is part of Nero Vision. Seems like using this installer is almost comparable to the Nero Lite, but it lets me allow Nero Recode to be added back into the mix.
  23. radix, thanks. I also add the MD5 hash to and filename in my OP Now, I am reading some bad things about Nero 8 in the Nero forums and just wondering if I should settle on going with Nero 7. I don't think there is anything in v8 that I really need and it seems to be the consensus that the v7.10.1.0 is the best version so far of Nero as long as you do not install all the bloat options. But the same problem with availability of downloads exist with 7, see my post here radix or anyone else, can you see my post link above and comment if you have any experience with v7 full or update working the AutoIt scripts instead of the trial.
  24. Looks like there is no longer any way to download the trial from Nero. Links to 7 get redirected and the only page where 7 is downloadable is from an update. The file is: Nero- MD5: C930907465AC02EE33522E01A80F0A6A Anyone have any luck in getting this script to work with this latest version from Ahead's site? If not anyone have suggestions on how I can get the older trial exe? Or can someone supply filenames and hashes. I found a full version: Nero- MD5: E7C94A757600BD631807692B7BCD2BA4 But not sure if this a valid file or not, can someone confirm the MD5 hash. I tried contating Nero, but get no response, go figure they are probably too busy refunding peoples money for v9 Will this work with a retail exe? Also I believe that maybe Nero added these apps in later versions and I noticed the script did not have these listed an install option variables at the beginning: Nero Sipps and Nero ScratchBox. Not sure what an MD5 is, see this tool: HashTab
  25. Does this script still work with the latest Nero 8 that was release in Dec 2008 (v8.3.13)? Nero- MD5: B17B595EB97D71A40950CA0EEA4C0429 Also it does not look like the trial download is available anymore. The link in the first post just redirects to Nero 9 Trial. And if I go to the older products download page, it just shows an update for 8 that can be downloaded. Does anyone have this working with the lastest version and what does it take to get it working with the non-trial version? Also what is the point of installing the trial? Can it be activated with an owners valid serial via the command line parm/switch?

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