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  1. A little up ? Is tehre someone who can tell me how tointegrate the extensions xpi of firefox when installing in silent mode ? what i did above doesn't work :/
  2. OK, so here is what i made and i have problems with extensions I use winrar to... - extract the firefox.exe, and i have the good directories, - Download with right-clic my addons, on the official webpage of firefox. I have .xpi - Extract .xpi with winrar and i have another subdirectories like chrome, and other files and folders. - I put this extracted files and folders of the xpi in the directorie nonlocalized/extensions - I put and overwrite bookmarks.html I take again files and folders of firefox (including the extensions and bookmarks) I Make a sfx archive with the process "setup.exe" /S after extraction Te FF.exe is done i run my FF.exe /s and firefox install correctly and all in silence BUT No addons are installed, even if i have my bookmarks ready Is there something i missed ? Do i have to put .xpi instead of the decompress xpi in the directorie nonlocalized/extensions ? I think we are nearly done, but what's the problem please ?
  3. Can you tell me if it updates, will it be compatible ? or will ccleaner be installed everywhere, like a normal installation ?
  4. Ho, yes ! That Lokks a bit easy and incredible For my extensions, do i have to take them directly in my directories on my pc, or do i have to download them ? If it's a dl, where can i find the good files to put ? For flash, and shockwave, is it the same ? Then when it is done, i make a winrar sfx archive that should make a .exe, and then i make a .cab of the .exe for nlite using /S that's right ?
  5. Hello all, First, i would like to know how to make a silent installer of firefox for nlite. I know it is ready here on this forum but i would like to have the french version. I know how to make an addon for nlite, but i am juste seaérching for the switches to make it silent. And as i come not for nothing, i would like to know how to make some addons, i use regularly, included to firefox and (maybe) ready at the first start. Thank you for your answers Maybe if there are some people interessting in doing it, here is what i would like : - Firefox in French - Addons included - adblock plus - download statusbar - dictionnaire myspell en français (1990) - webmail notifier - Customizegoogle - Maybe some themes but it is not a priority It would be great maybe for the challenge to have it with flashplayer, shockwave and others codecs for videos and music
  6. Very Great Idea my friend Can i ask you something ? - Can you make this addon for french user (so with french programs) and put only apps that are fully free (so without any trial version) I am really interessted in that and would be so happy for that I will have to reinstall my windows xp soon, and i am preparing a silent install that contains already december fixes and more, with nlite My XP, tested on Virtual PC 2007, when ready only takes 76Mo, but i have to add some utilities like you give in your addon Don't hesitate to post it here, or to make me a MP, and i would add an article on my blog to that, it is here : www.neosting-press.fr
  7. Hello, In Nlite, where we can put the cd key, and themes, there is an option where we can add a run once. Can someone tell me how to use it ? For exemple i have a switchless exe where there is all net frameworks with sp. I have made a cab to include it, but only the dotnet 1.1 is installed. Out of nlite, all is well installed. So i think i have to try with this option in nlite, to make it launch after, i think Please tell me
  8. Revo 1.4 is here, and it is a new revolution Is someone can make it or update the silent install please ?
  9. Thank you, it works great on my xp sp2 Just have to put it in the addon nlite box
  10. Thank you, i am going to test it right now
  11. Hello, Please, can you explain me what stepes i must do to make them integrated in the windows XP cd source ? Do i have to copy the files in I386, and that's all ? Do i have to put the cab in the addon nlite app ? Thank you very much, i am a true BIGginer ^^
  12. There semms to have problems to integrate it. Snif :/ I cannot even dl it. Looking for clues again ^^
  13. Hello again. I really like a lot Tuneup Utilities 2007. That's why i have bought it. Now i have a serial. I would like to intégrate it. Ok, juste thje app isn't so diffucult to add as an nlite addon, but how can i make it register ? My Nero lite had a cmd line where i could put ! It seems it doesn't work for this one. What can i do ? can you explain me the differents steps i have to do ?
  14. Hello, I have made a cd with about 25 progs. I would like to add my tweakui fr version in the nlite addons. Can you tell me what can i do ? I have seen that TweakUI is able to run alone, and i haven't any installer. Can you just explain me how to make it go to the control panel and be ready when installing XP ? Thanks a lot
  15. Hello all ! That is a lot of time i am reading posts here. It always brings good help for me above all since i use nlite. This day, i decide to come and say hello to all Hope you will go on, and maybe, if i have request, you will help me I am here because i have always tried to make an XP like i would like it to be if i was just buying it today, and like Microsoft should maybe do. That's all, except i am french, maybe with a very bad english script. And now, for sure, i am really not ready to get Vista. Even Directx 10 doesn't interesst me, cause i don't play a lot on PC. See you soon

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