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[Desktops] 2007

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VS: SlanXP

Icons: iNiZe (Recycle, Docs, My Comp), Element (rulesPlayer)

Wallpaper: PHOTONS by Tinkupuri (Slightly modded version)

Widgets: YWE Weather Display

CD Art: CD Art Display W/ DC Tunes

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@Dagonet' --- Now that's classy! --- I'm using the Samurize sidebar by halfwayglad. I didn't really like the orange calendar background so I recolored it with a black gradient. I uploaded it here temporarily if you want it and can use it.


My "pseudo-Vista" desktop...


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Looks nice Doom1468! Startmenu and windows lacks shadows tho IMO :)

Ok, so I have been playing with Vista, testing out apps, whats working or not, making an image I'm happy with.

Only good registry manager I have found is Reg Organizer (the latest beta).

Seems to be running smoother after a good clean and defrag!


Full view

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