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[Desktops] 2007

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sticking a fish [paper or not] in the back of other people

Not really. Just a note that says "kick me" which stays there until the person figures out that it's there. They usually figure it out after their tush gets really sore.


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Been a while since I changed my desktop... but was having a play with photoshop today, and decided to make a new wallpaper out of a couple of renders I found out there on the net...


Click the image for full size (1280 x 800)

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I've been busy customizing my computer to be Vista-like in a subtle way :)


Theme: Luna Royale (Compact)

Wallpaper: Vista One Blue

Cursors: CursorXP - VistaPlastic (WinCustomize)

Icons: IconPackager - OnyxIcons (WinCustomize)

Firefox theme: Vista Black (deviantART)

Firefox extensions:

Firefox Userstyles:

  • Add-ons Manager - cleaner design
  • Change the height of tabs not selected
  • Combine Stop/Reload buttons
  • Go/History menu removal
  • Show Add-ons Manager Views

Edited by Martijn
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