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What's your internet connection like?


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Advertised: 1500/256 with a 10gb cap. After 10gb it is shaped to 64k. Uploads are not counted and there is a large amount of un metered content not to mention amazing tech support. But here in Aus internet is so expensive. $50 per month for that. And again, this is probably the best ISP in Aus and is a good value plan even if you may be getting this plan for $20 a month in UK or USA.

however i have one of the worst/most annoying ISPs in Aus :( or i like to think of them as the worst isp in the universe

200Mbps!! i can only dream of speeds faster then my network connection speed

Haha yep go Internode! Just been downloading the games from the orange box which I just purchased and all of it is unmetered baby :thumbup

Telstra truly do suck considering they are the main telecommunications company in Australia. Go with Internode, I have already got three people off Telstra and onto Internode and they love it! Been using it for three years :lol:

EDIT: Yeah a little late but found some spelling mistakes while reading this post

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Good grief!! :unsure:

When I look at some of the speeds posted here, you would think I lived in some backward Third World country (possibly I do!). :blink:

Here in the UK, unless you are served by some small community local cable network (few and far between) or Virgin Cable (only in city areas) you have to rely on British Telecom's archaic attitude of serving up the telephone system via a network of the thinnest and cheapest copper cables up the oldest wood poles they can find.

The result is the best that can be achieved from a max of 8Mb/s is around 4-5Mb/s.


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Well Australia is finally progressing (or at least my ISP, Internode, is). I used to get 10GB per month with a 1500/256kb/s plan for $50 per month. Now I'm getting 50GB with the same speeds for the same price from the same ISP! My ISP is also building their own DSLAM near where I live so I will finally be on ADSL2+ (for no extra charge per month). So I should then be getting up to 24mb/s DL and 1mb/s UL. Probably more like about 15mb/s DL though as I'm about 2 kilometers from the exchange.

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