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  1. If Windows is hanging AND the antivirus software is hanging, even from a bootable disk, you've got a hardware problem. Most likely faulty RAM.
  2. You're responding today to a thread from 3 years ago???? XP shouldn't even be in the mix anymore. We're already past Vista and on to Windows 7.
  3. Same here, I know I will not downgrade to Windows 7 if the classic start menu is not there. I hate how microsoft changes everything around just to make it harder for the end user. Windows 7 is by far the easiest operating system to learn they have ever come out with. I have been showing it to some of my older customers and they just "get it"...when they couldn't with Windows XP. The things people here are calling "eye candy" are far more than that. Sometimes you just have to pull your head outta your a** to see that not everything Microsoft does is bad.
  4. Where are you seeing menus that don't cascade? They cascade exactly as they did in XP, except they are contained in a box with scrolling.
  5. I don't understand what you mean about a move away from a hierarchical menu. The menu is EXACTLY the same as before, except they keep it contained in a box by scrolling it. There is ABSOLUTELY no other difference in the layout of the menu system.
  6. Throw Home out of the running...it's just a dumbed down version of Pro. Media Center is XP with the Media Center add-on, nothing more. Server 2003 should not be compared to a desktop operating system at all. It's apples and oranges.
  7. QFT. This applies to not only browser but OS wars. However, there is still the issue that older code made to work with IE6 and worked perfectly, does not work with newer browsers. For example, IE6 properly renders CSS 1.0 and no browsers since have been able to do so. So, at least, in my mind, IE6 has some development use. Why develop for an outdated browser using an outdated standard?
  8. Why is there such a debate over this? If you don't want to upgrade, don't. The web will move on without you. Keep using whatever browser you prefer until it won't work anymore. All this discussion of the details is a waste of time. The sites that have decided not to support ancient browsers anymore aren't going to change their mind because you think they should, so move forward or stay behind.
  9. I think what the OP is saying is that he took the drive out of the computer and attached it to a different computer to run MBAM. On systems where MBAM will not run, this is a great solution, but it only takes you so far. It will usually take off a chunk of the offending material, but then you MUST put the drive back in the original system and run MBAM again natively. Otherwise, you are not removing everything.
  10. Malwarebyte's will remove it completely with no other intervention needed. I've done about 40 of them in the last 6 months. I run a computer repair shop.
  11. If there was no windows.old folder, then you definitely did NOT do an upgrade. You did a clean install or formatted the partition when that screen was presented.
  12. An incorrect driver does NOT raise the temps over 85 °C (192 °F). This is caused by bad hardware, a broken fan is most likely. Not true. A driver could put the video into overdrive and easily drive the temperature to those levels. Been there.
  13. You either have an incorrect driver, a bad fan (there is most likely more than one), or a clog in the cooling channel at some point, or a combination of all. Also, today's laptops MUST be used on a flat surface...not on carpet or a bed, and even if it is on your lap, you have to be sure that your leg doesn't block the fan on the bottom if there is one. Even the rubber feet on the bottom of a laptop are critical these days because on a flat surface, the feet raise the laptop enough for airflow. If the feet are missing, the laptop drops down and the airflow is dramatically reduced. It's true t
  14. Instead of going back to the now ancient XP, why not move up to the Windows 7 release candidate? You most likely won't encounter the driver problems, and it's stable as a rock.
  15. If your computer had a legit copy of XP on it, then it still has a legit license for XP. You don't need to buy another one. You should have a COA sticker on the case. Call the manufacturer and tell them you need a recovery disk for the machine. They usually cost about $30 to have them sent, maybe less. If that doesn't work, you can install any copy of Windows XP, even if the key isn't valid. When you go to activate, use the "change key" option to enter the key on the COA sticker (you cannot use it to install). You'll have to call Microsoft, but the process is painless and only takes abo
  16. Can you provide the exact text of the message you are getting? I don't know of any message in Windows that will just pop up and tell you that you have "an unchecked hibernation"...it sounds like you may be misreading it.
  17. You don't need ANY special tool to copy a 6gb file. Just drag and drop with Windows Explorer. It works just fine. I keep hundreds of DVD rips on my drive and move them around all the time.
  18. Actually, I've been dealing with this for customers for several days, and the "Antispyware 2009" isn't the reason for the logging off right after logging in...rather something that tried to FIX the problem has caused it. I can definitely say that AdAware is one tool that will cause this problem (through no fault of its own) by trying to remove another problem. Basically, you have a file ... userinit.exe ... that has been altered or removed entirely from the computer. A repair tool may have removed it because it was infected, and you will need to replace it if so, and at the same time, the e
  19. Thank you so much for your reply DJPro but i don't wanna download and use WAIK or anyother program like this. As i said at the begining i really dont wanna struggle with lots of codes etc.. I am just a beginner in this unattended installation stuff and i just want my Vista Installation create "Users" folders in "D:\Users" thats all. Where should i put this code in my Vista Installation DVD, which files i have to create etc etc....?? Can you tell me what i have to do step by step? Looks to me like he did!
  20. I don't know why so many people are having an issue with this. I used Nlite to integrate SP3 and in the "RunOnce" section I have the following in this order: c:\IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe /quiet /norestart c:\wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe /Q Place the two files listed above in the $OEM$/$1 folder and you're good to go. I've used it on half a dozen machines, it works perfectly.
  21. 1. Download and reinstall version 6 of the Windows Update ActiveX control. To do this, follow these steps: a. Click the following link to download the package: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=91237 b. Save the package to the desktop, and then extract the files to a temp folder. c. Open the temp folder, right-click Wusetup.inf, and then click Install. 2. Restart the computer. 3. Visit the Windows Update Web site or the Microsoft Update Web site. If the problem is still not resolved, follow these steps: a. Click Start, click Run, type explorer, and then click OK. b. Locate and t
  22. That is exactly what should have happened. There isn't a specific number of times you can install. It is dependent upon the hardware. Think about it this way. As far as that license key is concerned, you changed ALL the hardware. If only one or two components change, you don't have to call, but if the motherboard or certain other combinations change, you do. In this case, EVERYTHING changed, so you had to call.
  23. So what happened? That was five days ago!
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