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XP to Longhorn Tool?

Captain Nellie

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I was just browsing some files on mIRC, and i came across a file that claims to convert your windows xp to longhorn. does this actually work? or what does it do to your windows to "convert it". if you want the file, i guess i could download it and see what it does on the virtual pc.. but just wanted to see if anyone heard it of here first

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no its not,, its simply a complete them over haul for XP. It will change the bootscreens, logons, theme, icons and all the shut off dialogs and stuff. Ive seen this before so I am almost possitive thats what your talking about.. go here for more info...http://windowsx.techconnect.nl/enhance/index.html

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Will that tool XP - MAC OS work on 2k3? I know most everything that works with XP works with 2k3, drivers and such.

I guess all you can do is try it :)

Create a restore point before hand, incase some things bugger up, you can roll back to before it screwed you over :rolleyes:

Does this has something to do with stylexp?

No, it has nothign to do with Style XP.

It simply replaces all the system files with new themed ones.

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