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  1. Now I've actually reformatted and reinstalled the o/s many many many of times, i just can't bring myself to rid my self of programs so i just start over 1) Office 2003 Pro 2) Symantec Anti-Virus 8.1 (Corp) 3) Zone Alarm Pro 4) Aol Instant Messenger with DeadAIM 5) Adobe Photoshop CS 6) Kazaa with DietK 7) mIRC 8) Leechget 9) WinRAR 10) CloneCD
  2. QUOTE (DaveXP @ Sep 30 2003, 08:30 PM) Its the end of the world as we know it...... Song by Great Big Sea? its actually by REM, but thats okay
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to the SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Beta Program! You have been invited to participate in the public beta of SQL Server's exciting new product release! If you've seen any of the features or functionality we've developed as part of Reporting Services, you know that this is going to be an extraordinarily exciting beta! I've personally been using Reporting Service since its early builds about a year ago and it's transformed my idea of creating, managing and distributing reports and I've barely scratched the surface. We'd like to know what you think and that's why you're here. We're eager to hear your feedback, both good and bad, and we want to make sure it's got the quality level necessary to become your tool of choice. Unfortunately, I don't have bits for you just yet, this mail is simply meant to welcome you and whet your appetite for the upcoming release. We are planning to distribute the beta in early October, so stay tuned. I'll be back in touch with more information on program logistics, how to use the beta newsgroups, where to get the bits and so on. So once again, welcome to the program! I'll be back in touch soon and I look forward to seeing you in the newsgroups and hearing your feedback! Michael O'Connor Program Manager Microsoft SQL Server Development
  4. . Is this conversion really legal? Are the conversions violating the "anti" reverse engineering clauses I assume are in the EULA? you are not doing anything to the system illegaly, you are just turning on some options that were off and adding things that are already there but disabled 2. What about the tweak software to switch the id to make it appear as a workstation and not a server to be able to install certian 3rd party application software. (I can't recall the name ~ *NTsomething*) Again same question as #1 above. Same goes for the installation of the windows XP parts, Games, Themes, System Restore, etc. to convert 2003 to a workstation, you don't need to use that program, its just if you want to change 2003 to xp or if you want to change your 2003 standard to say enterprise edition or datacenter. that as far as i know is not legal 3. Assuming all this is O.K. to do, do you activate the product like usual? I suppose that you need to get an authorization/activation code. Is this to be done before or after the conversion process? you activate windows just like you would any other time, there is nothing different with the windows, you just have a more xpish type interface, with music and other such things 4. What about service packs and hotfixes? Will they still be applicable? After the conversion will Windows Update still work? Will it alert MS to something that wasn't intended to be done with their software? you can still get every service pack and hotfix, there is nothing done to your system that will not allow you to get that, you are just enabling things that were disabled 5. Has anyone run things like AutoCad or other application software on this converted OS? What were your experiences? autocad 2002 runs alot faster on 2003 than it did on xp, and most programs do, there are very rare problems with video cards not having the latest drivers and such, but other than that things run alot smoother on 2003 after you convert it to a workstation
  5. HALO!! for my pc i picked back up commander keen, i beat 1 and 2 now i'm doin 3.
  6. I was just browsing some files on mIRC, and i came across a file that claims to convert your windows xp to longhorn. does this actually work? or what does it do to your windows to "convert it". if you want the file, i guess i could download it and see what it does on the virtual pc.. but just wanted to see if anyone heard it of here first
  7. the best band of all time is Lynyrd Skynyrd!! they rock, that or molly hatchet, they're good too. or jimmmiy hendrix!
  8. welp since my beta word is .5329, i'm gonna go with .5450, just because .5400 was already taken
  9. From: "Microsoft" <security@microsoft.com> | This is not spam | Add to Address Book To: nelson8403@yahoo.com Subject: Use this patch immediately ! Dear friend , use this Internet Explorer patch now! There are dangerous virus in the Internet now! More than 500.000 already infected! this also came with an attachment, of a patch.exe, it contains a virus, i don't know how to do it on yahoo, but is there anyway to get the full address, like any forwardings or such, where you can use an anoymous(sp) e-mailer, i'm assuming they used it because of the @microsoft.com, and the bad spelling was really the first thing that set me off, anybody know how? thanx
  10. or here's a step by step, its for office xp, but it should work for 2000 also http://mvp.homedns.org/Computers/Outlook/Hack.htm
  11. http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=259554 try there
  12. the cookie problem still exists, when i try to log into hotmail, or yahoo mail it comes back saying that my browser does not allow cookies, all the sites where you log on for a forumn works, so i'm not sure what kind of settings are wrong and aren't allowing me to log onto those sites, my cookie level is the lowest, where i accept all cookies, just so i know that its not the internet options, i've tried with mozilla netscape 7.0 and ie. any help is greatly appreciated, thanx
  13. try changing the sounds to something else, maybe your messanger sounds don't work, try changing them to just regular .wav files that you are certain work, try that and see if you can hear it
  14. tried that, then turned my cookies onto Prompt, it prompted me if i wanted to accept the cookie, and i clicked yes, but it still told me i couldn't log in, because cookies were refused any other ideas?

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