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  1. Windows "Vienna"

    In my oppionion, vienna is going to pick up were microsoft screwed up in vista. Vista seemed to primarily take a dive and is still going down the drain since its release, most people are sticking with xp. I think vienna is going to be microsofts attempt to "fix" it.
  2. Xpize 4 Suggestions

    hey heres a suggestion. you should xpize the run dialog. I know its possible because i have seen a tutorial on how to do it somewhere on the web but i forgot where. The same run dialog has been around since windows 95.
  3. <img style="float: right" src="http://www.iexbeta.com/images/news/logos/iexBrowsers.gif">Hey everyone! This is just a quick announcement that i am SURE everyone will Love. I have just recently got done creating a new site. The URL is http://www.tomspc.us. This site holds various topics like a miniture portal. Most of the features can kinda even bring it up to a calaber such as Yahoo or MSN but its almost ad-free and everything else will always be free. Check it out and register so that you can post on our forums and access many other features and let me know what you think. See yall there! News source: http://www.tomspc.us
  4. XP to Longhorn Tool?

    no its not,, its simply a complete them over haul for XP. It will change the bootscreens, logons, theme, icons and all the shut off dialogs and stuff. Ive seen this before so I am almost possitive thats what your talking about.. go here for more info...http://windowsx.techconnect.nl/enhance/index.html
  5. Win 2k3

    Hey dude, It sounds like a memory problem. Depending on the manufacturar of your mobo, some boards will not boot if there is a memory problem, others load but then freeze. it sounds wierd but I would first try to instal another operating system, if the same thing happens try to open the case and swith out the memory, I have had that problem before and after i troubleshooted a little it turned out to be the memory.