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[Release] Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite


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Guest saper1972
Hello, Would it be possible to have a French Version of Adobe reader 8.0 Lite ? Thx in advance

posted. :thumbup


Polish please :hello:

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Adobe Reader 8.1.2





Now you can:
- Play back QuickTime (Macintosh and Windows®) as well as Macromedia® Flash™, Real, and Windows Media-formatted content (Windows only) that is embedded in an Adobe PDF file
- Read and organize high-fidelity eBooks
- Extract photos from Adobe Photoshop Album slide shows and electronic cards, and send them to online photo services for ordering prints, photo albums, greeting cards, and more (online photo services vary regionally)
- View document layers in Adobe PDF files created with layers preserved
- Print Adobe PDF files from wireless devices at locations offering the EFI PrintMe Network*
- Receive product updates easily using the enhanced Product Updater
- Plus, you can still view electronic slide shows and electronic cards created in Photoshop Album and, if the PDF file was created using Adobe Reader Extensions Server, digitally sign documents. In addition, Asian-language font support that enables you to view Adobe PDF files that contain Chinese, Japanese, and Korean download-on-demand fonts on nonnative systems is now built into Adobe Reader.

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Is it possible to make Russian Lite version of Adobe Reader? The final Russian release is 8.1.0. Thanks in advance.

I have prepared this version for you as requested. It is just a matter of getting it uploaded.

I am a dialup user who occassionally borrows highspeed access. I will make the file available a.s.a.p. (this weekend)

upload pending...


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