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    When I use RunOnceEx

    lol and what does nlite more than change this few keys?
  2. darafat

    When I use RunOnceEx

    hi, thanks to contact me, and sorry for the late answer i was on holiday lol anyway, if you want to use only the Administrator special account, how i did here You must know an important thing: The situation is that you cant just create an account named just as Administrator, because in the Documents and Setting forder and in the group policies there is already an account named as Administrator. So what we can do? Well we can just use this one lol But remember this is a special account, and you must not use it if you will create more then this account. If you use this account you must use only this one, because il you create a new account (even an Administrator one) the special account that you were using will disappear from the login, and you will not able to get in lol obviosly you can gat in from the safe mode (to recover you files or to delete the new account and force again windows to use the special one). That s all, if you use only an account, the special Administrator one works just like a charm. Dont worry to use it, it s just like any other Administrator account, and i used it for a long time Now if someone wants to change the name of the special account, and i mean the one that you see ad the start menu (at the top) here is how you do it: This will not rename the folder that is in Documents and setting lol For to do it i thing that we have to write a little program that scans the registry and changes all the paths were appears "Administrator", and the Volatile Enviroments. I know that there ares some registry keys that are created randomly at every windows installation, but it s possible to detect them and so to use them (how i did for to uncheck, in the recicle bin, "confirm to delete"). Here is the registry tweak that you have to put for to use the Administrator special account: You can change: "sp4r4" -> Doamin Name "spara" -> User name as you want. Note: the username "spara" will take no effect, because he will be overwritted an first logon, when appears (loading desktop..., outlook, etc). So in the Winlogon, and at the top of the start menu, you will see "Administrator". So you must change the domain name I used it at RunOnceEx Enjoy and sorry for my loooooooong and boring post, and for my really bad english Result:
  3. oh yeah! Really great job TomCat thanks so much man, it just works like a charm Anyway, why if you run the script without any changes, and without including net 2.0 sp1 (where u said that it s not needed if the 3.5 is included) te sum of the outputs files is 1 mb more then if you include it lol p.s: we re waiting for the net compact v2 and v3 now thanks again
  4. hi guys, i would like to make my shell32.dll eheh now i dont know a think, because i saw that there are a lots of .png icons (and maybe they are more beatiful than ico ) now if i open the dll with resource hack, as i did before wich any exe.. i can replace the icon only with an .ico image. is that correct? so how can i replace with the .png one? o.O
  5. eheh sorry but i m xp user so it will restore anything, and you dont have to check wich one is the cause. good thing but... what i saw is that you need first to put the wincd, then get in the dos-mode, then press F2 an insert the floppy that the ASR has created when the file system was ok. So the ASR floppy, need the wincd, because it loads some files who the ASR is gonna use. So the thing are getting worst..... but nothing is impossible To automate all this stuff must be really complex, because for to get in the recovery "console" (to press F2), you must do something as i said before. Now it expect files lanched from the floppy, and to automate this you must find a way to make the windows dos-mode expect files from another drive (maybe the same cd). So you must check and modify the file in the wincd who expect the files created by ASR from the floppy (that must be stored in the wincd, while is the recovery console that expect those files). But if i was in you i was checking for another way... : 1) check all the files who the ASR is going to replace (ALL) 2) make a program who search this file and gives to you (maybe saving in a file) all the path of this files in the HDD, not the windows path, but in wich fisically part of the HDD are stored. 3) if you have this info, now you can make something without use the wincd and the floppy disk, making a prog in assembly who replace all this files before that windows is loaded. if windows is loaded your not able to replace those files. Than you have to possibility to do this even from the web, if the pc is connected on internet, using a usb pendrive. good luck again
  6. but that depends from the problem that you re gonna fix what do you mean for: WIndows 2003 (F2) disaster ? I mean when the is not possible to load windows when you turn on the pc (or if it run and then got an error , the classical blue screen). Now that happens when vital files (of windows) are lost or "broked". Thats happens when the currents has gone (for anycause, the 1° cause is when we turn off the pc by the power supplie button...) while a process is reading/using/... those files. @Anothere one is when you install drivers that are not right for your hardware, so you are in front of the pc...... (so via internet there is no point imho) now the recovery "console" it is not in the windows sorce (windows installed on the HDD), that why you need to put a drive that contains the recovery "console" 's files. so you can not use any file on the file system (windows installed on the HDD). That files are loaded somewhere (probably in the ram) beacause they will be modifyed by the user. For exaple, for to store in memory the user's imputs. imho p.s: i dunno what contains the setupreg.hiv, but at 99% you can make the F2 imput using the assembly lang. (maybe you can make this imput in DOS lang too, but if you cant you must write your prog in assembler) good luck
  7. uhm, i dunno eheh but i got two ipotetic ideas (for doing nothig ): 1) you make a file to execute when you enter in the dos mode (so in the properly coding language), who read the bios's time and give the F2 key's imput when is request. for to be sure that the imput key will be gived when is necessary to keep in the recovery "console", you can watch it before (it must be the same always because it doesnt change second the hardware who someone gots, but it depends only by the speed of the cd-rom drive, now all of them are reading at 52x, this because in that moments there is the reading of files from the drive) 2) if you will be able to find the file in the win-cd that is doing all this operation, i think that you can modify it, deleting all the operation of reading and getting soon in the recovery "console" Anyway, in case (xD) this will work, you have not resolved your problem, because you were only able to get automatically in the recovery "console" but you can not recover your os because you dunno what must be recovered (maybe is the partition table, ecc) and there are so many commands in the recovery "console". So you can't do this because it will never be able to understand the problem, and so it will never recover nothing. For example, if the computer in a certain moment crashes, for the current's fault, and the partion table has gone, then there will be no log file to read what it is just happended, so you will must check if the partition table has gone or not. And that for all the possibily cause o.o. Maybe that's why there is not something like that Anyway, forgive me xD this are only ipotetic things xD yeah i am ok
  8. eheh, it is like that. You can not add keys before the login (so with RunOnceEx) in the key HKLM\...\RunOnce :/ , fortunatelly you can add keys in the HKLM\...\Run xD The confirmed become at the end of the RunOnceEx, then it made the firt logon and i serched the key HKLM\...\RunOnce, and there were no subkeys.... Then i runned the .reg file that contains the subkeys for that key, and i ve looked again in the HKLM\...\RunOnce: the subkeys there were I ve made to work it in this way: the RunOnceEx run the .reg that contains keys that must be installed after the first login (like to disable the screensaver) This .reg contains keys for the HKLM\...\Run, who makes to run another reg file who contains the keys for HKLM\...\RunOnce (this file run after the reboot) Now after the reboot there are key in the RunOnce (who will be delete at next boot), in that key there is a key for to disable the screensaver, and the last key removes the first reg key created in HKLM\...\Run lol RunOnceEx PostRegEntries.reg: forRunOnce.reg: The file DisabilitaScreenSaver.reg: Before was not working, there were always the screensaver not disabled -.- Now it works I hope that will help someone. p.s: if i made errors is because here now it's 4 am xD
  9. eheh you re right, eheh thanks again. But i got i problem: from RunOnceEx adding a key in the HKLM\...\run It works from RunOnceEx adding a key in the HKLM\...\RunOnce It don't works Why? Just because before the login, we can't add keys value in the HKLM\...\RunOnce ?? Maybe i can do something like, putting the key in HKLM\...\Run and at the end of the .reg file i ll put a line for to remove this entries. Any other idea? Thanks so much
  10. eheh, installing the visual studio 2008 i saw more fromeworks... lol It will be a great thing to make unattended this stuff: .NET Framework 1.1 (already included in your script) .NET Framework 2.0 (already included in your script) .NET Framework 3.0 (already included in your script) Adding this stuff: .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 1 .NET Framework 3.5 .NET Compact Framework 2.0 .NET Compact Framework 3.5 Eheh, i m asking too much If it is not enought for you, you can make this stuff for x86 and x64 (priority at the x86 lol) p.s: it was only an idea, not a request. just because i think that the net frameworks are basically for developers
  11. oh man, it just worked omg it was so simple, just run the correct program as you said :/ i was in the wrong way, because i saw in someg entry that there were some "switch" like -k (What is it? O.o) for ex: in the "KernelFaultCheck" in the same key it gots: %systemroot%\system32\dumprep 0 -k O.o then i was thinking that there were some switch for to silent, somewhere in the web i found the -silent :/ thanks so much
  12. hi, i need to silent a reg file and and exe installation there is a way for to silent this reg file from regedit? : [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] "BLABLA"="C:\\WINDOWS\\system\\aaa.reg" ??? another thing, i ve also tryed to put this path in another way: "BLABLA"="%WINDOWS%\sistem\aaa.reg" doesnt work (doesnt run the file) and in this way: "BLABLA"="%systemroot%\system\aaa.reg" doesnt work too anyway for to silent it i ve tryed: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] "BLABLA"="C:\\WINDOWS\\system\\aaa.reg -silent" but it doesnt work... where i can find all the switch for this stuff? I also need to know if in this way there is the possibility of install some programs, and the switch for just load an exe thanks so much p.s: seaching searching with google but... i didnt find the aswer yet EDIT: 1) The key that i need is RunOnce, because that ll start the file only one time, the Run key start it always, but the problem is the same 2) I know the way of running a batch file that silent a reg file, but i would like to know if it is possible to do it directly thanks again
  13. hi there, eheh again me anyway i use to install the net frameworks only because i need to use the visual studio... now visual studio 2008 pro as been released and it needs the net framework 3.5 beta 2.... i tryed to use the microsoft net 3.5 downloader because i couldn t find the net framework 3.5 beta 2 as a full installer.... now i used this with win xp without the net frameworks installed (eheh i use your 3 frameworks ) for to see wich frameworks are really needed for it. now after the download i find only the net framework 2.0 (23 mb) , dotnetfx30 (29.3 mb) and the dotnetfx35 (6.4 mb) with the lang pack (44 kb)... O.o, now their size are really strange while your: net framework 2.0 is about 39.8 mb net framework 3.0 is about 25.9 mb now your script also include the hotfix and langpack, but it seems their are also included in this download (maybe yout script include also the installer for x64, in this download there are only installer for x86). Then in this download there is not the framework 1.1 (and now i m thinking that it is useless) But the real problem is, after installing the net 1.1 - 2.0 and the 3.0 of your script i finally run the net framework 3.5 just downloaded and an it says that it is needed the net framework 3.0 sp1 O_O (i didnt find it on the web) Now can you explain what the hell it s happening? O.o Anyway this post must be sticked because is really usefull, and i hope that you will contuinue you wonderfull work including the net framework 3.5 in your script Thanks so much for this and for your great answer about the directx p.s: here there are the images with the contents of the download: General Folder dotnetfx 2.0 dotnetfx 3.0 dotnetfx 3.5
  14. hi, i got a doubt about the directx runtime (directx_jun2007_redist.exe) if you make an installation (unattended or a normal one) it doesnt change the version (dxdiag) i mean, dxdiag shows me: Version DirectX: DirectX 9c (4.09.0000.0904) Before installind the directx_jun2007_redist.exe, and there was only the os winxp without nothing installed (just formatted ) than i ve installed the directx_jun2007_redist.exe and i ve reboot, i opened dxdiag and i saw thet directx version was the same: Version DirectX: DirectX 9c (4.09.0000.0904) Now, or the dxdiag is a bad buggy tool, or the directx is not installed... Anyone knows how that s happens? thanks so much (if it doesnt update the directx from windows installe, how can update it from my uacd?...)
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