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  1. Thanks for the update. Will you post all languages? Thnx.
  2. Adobe Reader 9 in spanish is avilable here: http://www.adobe.com/es/products/acrobat/readstep2.html
  3. Thnx! Now waiting Adobe to release Spanish version...
  4. bubuxp awesome that mirror!!! divshare does not work at all for me...
  5. Although divshare does not work very well for me, thnx for your update Shark!!!!
  6. files taken OFFLINE until the above issue is fixed. NO ETA for replacement file uploads... they will be available a.s.a.p. shark OK Shark. Thnx for your work and take your time
  7. Yes, but it is possible to use lite and only apply some plugin to forms??? Thnx.
  8. Thnx another time to Shark007 for the new version, but I have a question. I'm not able to write on PDF forms, what can I do??? Thnx. Annita
  9. Thnx shark the main page of DivShare says: "We're making big changes at DivShare! We've redesign and reorganized the site, introducing many new features and retiring some that don't fit our mission or haven't been widely adopted. Groups are one feature that we have eliminated to provide you with a simpler, more powerful DivShare." But, with the links you posted in your last post, everything works fine. Downloading and thnx.
  10. Any way to install SetPoint 3.30 in Spanish unattended without using AutoIT???? Thnx, Annita
  11. Annita

    win 2003 sp2 final

    I don't have this problem cuz there is no SP2 in Spanish so I can't try but is there any command to splisstream as it was with others Service Packs??? Annita
  12. I also have it, Spanish version, and works perfect on Firefox!!! It only takes the time to connect to the server and download the PDF file. Shark007 the last spanish version you posted works fine. JaCk0es try to download it again. Uninstall your previous version, reboot, install the new one and try to open a PDF file from a fast server. It works fine...
  13. Thnx! Works perfect and also on ActiveSync 4.5! Annita
  14. Thnx for continuing with the project and releases... Annita
  15. I already did that.... I copied all of a WXP SP2 CD on a folder, slipstream WMP11 with your app and nothing else (no Win Updates, no other progs, nothing) and I still get the same error on limited user accounts... Annita
  16. Any ideas of what is the problem I have and how to solve it??? Thnx, Annita
  17. The thing is that it only happens on Limited Users accounts and with Admins work perfect. On those Limited Users accounts they don't get the icons of Windows Media Player but if you create another a new one, every time for every Limited Users accounts the player works fine. I also tried to put an Icon on the Default User\Start Menu and All Users\Start Menu but it get's erased when a new limited user account is created and this message comes up... The cause is WMP11 for sure. I got a full image like this when a new limited user account is created and logon for first time: Any ideas? Thnx, Annita

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