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Suggestion box (vLite)


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nuhi, your the man!

Anyways, things that should be added to list are the following:

Disable the thumb.db creation (not sure if Vista has this, or if it stores the file(s) somewhere els).

Be able to remove keyboard layouts and languages (just as with nLite).


disable autorun on all drives (i.e DVD/CD/HDDVD or Blueray) same as with portable devices that use for example Memory Sticks.

add "disable indexing service".

add Folder view selection?

I also have some questions regarding this picture...


which is the following:

It is possible to "remove" the search bar here and on the start menu?

Might it be possible to hide these back/forward icons?

Is there any way to "move" files? I still haven't found this option on Vista..

Anyway to remove the third bar that has the "Organize and View selections" ?

edit: some lines were altered.

with autoruns.exe i think u could do that


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The feature i miss most from nlite is option to decide which partion the programfiles folder should be and the profiles folder with my documents folder and other things, i wants this things off the os partion, so if anythings goes wrong not all is lost. also miss the option to rename the windows folder. This maybe be small things but i think they are important, and vlite is not so useful for me before this things is implemented. Another thing who would be useful is a option to decide which parttion the swap file should be on and the size of it, that would rock

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save help.exe to cmd line help

For more information on a specific command, type HELP command-name
ASSOC Displays or modifies file extension associations.
ATTRIB Displays or changes file attributes.
BREAK Sets or clears extended CTRL+C checking.

the file is in system32

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A feature that isnt important too much...

And option to remove the links in the ie7 favorites folder. Just gets annoying to delete them all the time.



Looking forward to next version...hopefully it will make my vista installation even smaller :sneaky:

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Notepad.exe as it has no dependencies. I have seen a thread/topic asking for you to remove it from xp using nlite. Your reply was if enougth people ask for it then you would.

My opinion,

I do use it but i reckon that it would be nice if people still had the option to remove it. (no offence of course). Maybe if you do a new release of nlite you could do it as well.

The other suggestions i have:

More flexibility on grouped components. ie games wallpapers etc.

Of course i wouldn't expect you to list each wallpaper as it would take ages etc but maybe break it up like eg widescreen, textures etc just like when you change the wallpaper in vista.

Thanks nuhi another great job by you.

PS.nuhi the first beta version of my program comes out in febuary i would like/be honoured you to test it - of course.

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nice tweak that could help the boot time

change the services to automatic [ delayed]

here the list in picture

its would be nice to have as default even before making the changing of services like nlite have


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the vital problem for me is whql-checking of the integrated drivers. the system during its installation always says it can't check the drivers' signatures, though i know for sure, that all of them are whql-signed. can this checking be disabled? i really need this tweak. thanks in advance.

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How about a "Legacy Filesystem Junctions" option that removes the 'Documents and Settings' etc junctions meant for backwards compatibility. No matter what I do I can't remove them mounting with imagex.

I just don't use programs that require such accommodations.

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May i suggest more extremal cutting?

- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\COMPONENTS contains tons of sensitive information which is nice to be removed

- .NET frameworks

- More boot.wim cleanup (there are tons of system/install files not needed for clean install)

- Along minor surgery: CardSpace, Digital Locker, Windows Update / BITS / other services, Windows Anytime Upgrade, Guided help, XWizards?

- Get rid of TrustedInstaller at all?

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Its been said before (by Jeronimo, Joh L. Galt and Nerd Lite... etc) but I'll add it again because it would be really nice:

An option to move the entire Users folder to another dir or drive (including correctly updating junctions etc included in this folder).

Cheers, and thanks for vLite.

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here is suggestion nuhi, since some ( not mentioning any names here :whistle: ) have trouble applying changes and rebuilding after you go through all the menus why not make it more automatic so people who have trouble with that phase will not have that trouble :)

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