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  1. thx for the great work and great program like many others this is the hottest point for me on your todo list: An option to set the Users folder location, program files locations and other folders. because i have an ssd for os, so i want to spread heavy write folders on other disks
  2. oh well it was the defence plus firewall who was the problem, and i solved it now
  3. vLite 1.1 RC - Bit Bender

    yep i must be the net. hotfixes because i downloaded everything i could find from microsoft catalog, around 50 hotfixes or so
  4. vLite 1.1 RC - Bit Bender

    maybe not a problem, but my computer with dualcore and 4gb ram used nearly two hours to install all the hotfixes into a vista 64 bit system in vlite, is that normal ?, i am so used to the short time nlite is using so maybe i am bit spoiled
  5. Suggestion box (vLite)

    The feature i miss most from nlite is option to decide which partion the programfiles folder should be and the profiles folder with my documents folder and other things, i wants this things off the os partion, so if anythings goes wrong not all is lost. also miss the option to rename the windows folder. This maybe be small things but i think they are important, and vlite is not so useful for me before this things is implemented. Another thing who would be useful is a option to decide which parttion the swap file should be on and the size of it, that would rock
  6. Where is Bâshrat the Sneaky?

    but who's missing and who are dead ? maybe we should call CSI or maybe X-files ?
  7. hope this problem can be sorted out, because i really like to have the driverpacks integrated into an win2k cd instead of adding them manually after the installation
  8. DriverPacks BASE V6.02.5

    nope all i do is create a new source, nlite the source, copy the driverpacks files to the source and then run them, and i get the write errors sometimes i get many somestimes i get few
  9. DriverPacks BASE V6.02.5

    it's working flawlessly on a original windows cd source, but's that not the point, i Want it to work on a nlited source because i dont want to use a original cd no more
  10. DriverPacks BASE V6.02.5

    i Have some problems when i try to integrate the drivers into the windows cd, the error message you can see in the attachment, is this normal or not ? I am using a nlited version of windows xp home version sp2 i have followed the instructions closely on how to integrate drivers, using method 2 of slipstreaming. !update solved the the winnt.sif. i just redo the process on a fresh source and then its was gone, but i still got the last errors, i have tried the process three times but they still are there. and all the files in the i386 folder is not write protected in any way