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vLite 0.5 alpha - Vista Lite


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I'm still using XP and will use it until my favorite firewall and drivers are compatible. (2-3 months)

Also not everyone will switch to Vista (2-3 years)

So...nLite is equally important to me as his younger brother, aka Hype Reducer 2000.

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sweet....well i was just saying..i only really need a new printer..and im away with vista...lexmark...have seemed to terminate driver updates for my printer series.......

any chance we could get a quick post..of the new things in vlite...or do we have to wait and see

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I was forced to perform a clean install after I (Partition Magic 8) crippled my partition. Had to do it several times over as I need to install from an image due to not having a DVD writer. After several installations and 1 run of vLite, I now have it as my primary OS and it works almost flawlessly.

1 setup problem:

Timezone is not properly selected by default.

1 vLite issue(?):

Search in contents does not work (as according to nuhi could be the case) and I hate the annoying pop-up for activatation of indexing.

1 general Vista problem:

I have 1 view (details with name, size, type, date, attributes) which I always want to use, but no matter if I set "Remember each folder's view setting" or not, it keeps using its own kind of more or less random view.

I create a directory Downloads and it sets a default view with tags and rating columns. I copy an empty folder with the proper columns and everything is ok. I never had to deal with this in XP, but if it the only issue, then I might just live with it ;-)

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Here for your pleasure or at least I hope. For me it is therapy, writing off the frustration I had on my s***ty Sunday.

I wanted to resize my drives for installation of Vista. I started the bootdisks of PQ Magic and it found some errors. I chose quicly, too quickly, to fix them. Which left me with my crippled D-partition. I use C for Windows, D for Data storage (had most important things backed up) and E for testing of Vista and now vLite.

So I thougt, crap well lets start all over. Since I wanted a vLite'd Windows on C and I have no DVD writer (I only got the Windows Vista on DVD from a friend), I started of by partitioning followed with trying to install from DVD to E. Here the drama begins

No Vista says, I will make E your new C, you wil like-a-it very much.

Nono says Jeronim0, it should be E. Oh well lets just install it to my original C drive. But first make a vLite Vista and install from ISO.

Nonono Vista says, I already have Vista on C, so this will be your D drive. Hows that

Nononono Jeronim0 says, lets start over. Remove all partitions. Install from DVD to C.

Yes I can live with that says Vista.

Good says Jeronim0, lets install Vista ISO to E then.

Nice says Vista, who made me this slim? I will install on 8GB E without a breeze.

Finally we are getting somewhereshrugs Jeronim0, ok fatso Vista-C you are the weakest link goodbye.

You won't get rid of me that easily Vista-C howels: you can not go and remove my Windows and Program Files that easily,

I will takeown you and cacls the hell out of ya Jeronim0 shouts and Vista-C finally gives in.

Now we install this vLite Vista on C and we are almost there, Jeronim0 smiles.

What about me vLite Vista-E whines.

You do not fit our format Jeronim0 says.

Finally I can get some sleep, at least till the next release of vLite that is. Then nuhi and all Vista's A through Z will haunt me in my sleep again.

p.s. on a serious note nuhi:

The size required for Temp-directory should be raised (In any case you should need somewhere around 4 to 5 GB or not?). I was able to run vLite with far less disk space available, but it ran out during the process and could not complete the operation.

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About the EULA thing:

Technically using a tool like nLite on XP or vLite on Vista breaks the original EULA from Microsoft because you can't modify the code - and don't go there claiming you're just removing parts of it. Still doesn't matter, from a strictly legal standpoint (here in the US and in countries where the EULA is an actual binding agreement, that is, don't open that can of worms please) it's illegal to do the sort of m4d h4x0rin5 most of us do with nLite/vLite.

Morally, it's another story. I believe that I have the right to do what I want with the code within reason: i.e., modify it for my own purposes as long as I don't distribute my modified code to anyone else, nor try to make a profit from the same modified code.

Regardless, it's all fun and games and people learn things, so I'm all for it.



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this is more of a general vista question, not really a vlite one (but if its possible, then tweak would be awesome)

in vista, can you force classic address bar in explorer?

ie, in this picture has the new type


i much prefer having address you can quickly copy and paste..

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