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  1. I having been the same problem too, with PS2 mouse and keyboard works but dont detect my mouse and usb keyboard. Before install when you need to choose HD etc... the mouse and USB keyboard works well. Vista Business 32 and 64 bit - brazilian version.
  2. Thank you! I will try that right now, if works I will post here the result. ---------------------------- Doesnt work neither, I made a vlited version of Vista Business 64 in Vista Business 64 and after the first boot mouse and usb keyboard still doesnt work and PS2 mouse doenst work too! I dont know what Im removing that its happen. I will keep trying.
  3. Me too! If someone knows whats happen, please advice. I will try now with vlite 1.1.6 maybe is a problem with the beta version 1.2
  4. ROX!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hi, I set mouserate tweak to 500 Hz but nothing change in my nlite instalation, with Windows 2003 Server 32 and 64 bits versions tested. I see that nothing change when I run USBMOUSERATE 1.1 I have a MX 1000 Logitech mouse, if I use with the standard mouserate frequency cursor jump on screen sometimes when I move the mouse. With USBMouserate could change to 500 Hz and everything works fine in Windows 2003 Server 32 bits, but in 64 bit version XP and Server 2003 USBmouserate doenst work. In nlite 1.01 this tweak works. ps.: sorry about my bad english

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