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Vista and Office 2007 prices.


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Well i thought it again.DO u know what is the Best Solution for these Ubelievable Prices JUST Don't buy them.

U have a system and u want to Update it ...Just don't Do it.

U want to buy a system ...Just delay it as possible.

Microsoft is waiting for 30th November...just imagine what it would happen if lets say around 15th December a Microsoft Area Manager Starts the Calls to their Customers. It would be like that :

"Microsoft : Hi Jim how are the Vista going?

Jim : U must Be kidding , except some hardware for older system and a few new machines without OS things are going very Bad.When i mention the word Vista and the price the customers just scream " U must be crazy who do u think i am Bill Gates or an Arabian Emir.........just build the machine and i will ask a good friend of mine about what OS to put"....hey guys i sold only 2 copies of Vista to the Boss of a firm and thats it...."

JUST think about it

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The effects of piracy on software prices is doubtful. The only people who have the information concerning the effects of piracy are the software companies them selves. They have even refused to release the figures to law enforcement agencies which is why you don't see that much law enforcement activity concerning software piracy.

No one outside of the software companies have ever been able to verify the actual effect of piracy upon the software industry. Thus the software companies can claim at any time their doom and dispair concerning software piracy, and as a result they can claim the increased prices are an effect of piracy. In reality, the international and federal law enforcement agencies estimate the actual figures are less than 20% of what the software companies claim. Think about it for a minute, if you want to increase prices without public outcry about price gouging whats the best way to do that? Why of course, you create a reason to support your increased prices. The software companies are doing the same thing as the oil companies.

I've no doubt that software piracy exists, i've see its effect first hand on my own business but it wasn't that drastic. I don't condone piracy, but I also don't believe its existance justifies the prices either.

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Watch the talk on piracy here... there's a fine line as to what's acceptable and what's not.

Just because a Ferrari is expensive doesn't mean that you have to crack the security system so that you can steal it. A cheaper Honda Civic will do you just fine. Or even maybe a bike! They might not have all the bells and whistles of the Ferrari, but they work.

If you don't want to complain about prices, then use Linux. For many people, it's a viable alternative.

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I'm sorry Zxian, I thought the subject was the pricing of these things in relation to piracy. I don't think piracy its self was being discussed, more the effect it had on the pricing. Did I not read this correctly? If I said anything that could be taken as condoning piracy i'm sorry.

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So u can't blame if a nice Low wage hacker cracks these.They have no respect for the working people.

Yes, I can. Piracy is unacceptable no matter how expensive it is. Just because I can't afford a private Learjet doesn't mean that I will steal one. By no means is Vista a necessity; that low-wage hacker could get a full blown Linux-based OS for FREE, and it would probably be higher quality that Vista anyway.

By the way: if I am correct, promoting piracy violates the ToS.

I didn't even try to read your second post, so I can't comment on it. Sorry.

I do agree though with the logic that cheaper prices = less piracy = more $€₤¥ for Microsoft.

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