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What Is Your Vista System Rating Score?


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I noticed dAbReAkA has the same card as me, so I changed the driver for my videocard and it seems to actually work ok.

I'm kinda confused, why cant the silly thing demand the correct version right from the start?

I guess he/she has the readyboot feature or something to get the score up.



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I dont get it, Joker has 4 gigs of ram and he gets only 4.4?

lol Seems kinda harsh don't it? Seriously, the memory score is being pulled down due to the lack of video (card) memory. The EAX300 I have only has 128MB on it, however Glass & Flip3D run just fine.

@amit_talkin - I hadn't thought about the ECC angle but you could be right. I'm running a customized Supermicro Xeon "Workstation" (Hay that's what they called it...) with Corsair PC2700 RAM.

Frankly I don't give a **** what the report says ... This thing will fly!

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how come some people have a command and others a period?

For example 3,4 instead of 3.4 ?

the default separator for numbers is different for different countries and cultures.. it's determined by the regional settings..

LOL.. radeon 9600pro - 2.2.. lol.. no way..

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Yeup, I over clocked my memory, video card, and yes...even double the voltage runnin to my harddrive... check out my score.



On a serious note....I take it scores don't go past 5.9? cause I noticed some lower-end vid cards are matched to mine...which stupifies me...

Ah well...Gotta love MS Paint.

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