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Why (Found New Hardware) window Taking So Long!


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hey guyz, I'm facing this problem since a peroid of time and I thought it's a temporary but still making me a headach whenever I plug a new USB device

Link to screenshot

It takes so long, I donno why


Most services Default

what do you think is the underlying cause?!

Image linked. Please remember to link images larger than 300x200


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guyz it's really long! may for more than 15 minutes !

Try to delete INFCACHE.1 and *.pnf from C:\Windows\inf.

is that safe? I kinda scared to delete such system files

You aren't deleting a system file. It's a cache file. A copy of the real file so that windows can access it faster. Go ahead and delete it like sonic posted.

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It shouldn't be doing that for a USB drive. It's a plug and play device.

That's only true if he's already plugged the device in the same port before. When a device is plugged into the computer for the first time, or in a new port (even if installed before in another port), it ALWAYS has to install drivers.

@Wesmosis: If your hard drive is heavily fragmented, is having performance issues or is generally an rather old hard drive, those will affect the time it takes for the new hardware wizard to find drivers.

Make sure your hard drive is defragmented and in good health.

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I deleted the files you mentioned guyz, I plugged an External HDD, it took a while this time (kinda less time than before but still long time ~ 7 minutes)


yeah I think I have to defrag my C: asap by Diskeeper Pro Premier v10

I'll feedback once I plug a new USB storage device


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