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The complete list of hotfixes & updates for Windows 98se


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247853USA8.exe, Windows 98 Q247853 Update



File(s) Date/Size


keyb.com 2000-03-02 12:50 PM - 19,927 bytes

couldnt see in your list

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As you may have noticed I'm posting on Gape's uSP thread the list of updates included and not included in its last release (uSP 3.0 beta3).

The goal is to list all the updates needed after uSP 3.0.

Useful if for some reason, you don't use the autopatcher. Or if you want to create a simplified, smaller, autopatcher for post uSP upgrade only. (just a suggestion :angel: )

Please correct this list if you see missing or erroneous datas. It's not easy to do such a list.

I refers only to MDGx's thread on last updates. The list of included updates concerns only the most recent ones.


(Link Updated)

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Unfortunately, all I get when attempting to download is an Error 403! :-(


PS. It's now about two weeks later, and the downloading problem with mdgx.com seems to have been fixed! :-)

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Jun 28, 2008:

- Added: WIA, IE947864

- Updated: Q942763, DXM9x, SCR569x, KernelEx, OLEUP, VBVM60, SCR579x, Shockwave, DX CPL tools, USBFDD98, RootsUpd

As always, thanks to MDGx for these updates.

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Thanks soporific.

It's nice to know that the 9x supporters are still supporting 9x!

Half way through 2008 and 9x is still alive and k-i-c-k-i-n-g!

BTW, MDGx has just dumped a long list of new updates on his topic:


I'll test them out and report!

UPDATE: I've been running three updates:

941029 update VBVM60.EXE,

950759 update DXM9X.EXE,

950759 update IE950759.EXE.

So far no problems!

Looks good with the mid-year security updates!

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You may want to add "index.php" to all MSFN forum URLs [on your 1st post].

They have changed the Invision board PHP scripts, and "old way" URLs (example):


do not work anymore. :( They all redirect to the MSFN forums main page.

New way (it works):


Please see the 7-1-2008 updates I posted here:



The files/links at my web site seem to work again [i asked them to reset permissions back, so everybody can access them, they have reset permissions on my files/folders without my permission ;)].

Please let me know if you find any that still don't work, so I can contact my web site provider to have them fixed.

Best wishes.

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Hello, I am using an italian version of win98se and thanks to your efforts its performing fine.

I would like to know how to avoid to install older (superseeded) updates.

Is there any program that can help?


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soporific, another two for the incompatible list:

kb955069 (MS08-069 955218) MSXML3.DLL (8.100.1048.0) does not work. It causes application errors... (kb308480+kb924191 last to work okay)

kb941833 (MS07-042 936181) MSXML4.DLL (4.20.9849.0) does not work. XML 4 simply does not do anything... Broken... (kb954430 now works okay)


Also, Adobe have released a security update to Flash 9 ( - thanks thydreamwalker!

It's not currently available via the standard Flash download link on the Adobe page...

However, it is available from an Adobe TechNote: http://www.adobe.com/go/kb406791

All versions of Adobe Flash Player (including Standalone Flash Player) are available from the Archived Flash Players page:


The Flash 10 Netscape plugin for Firefox, Opera and so on, can be made to install on 9x.

See: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...st&p=767664


Well, that's interesting!

The Standalone Flash Player works with no problem in Windows 9x (to play swf and other files)...

In fact, the readme in the Flash 10 Archived Players zip, states that 9x/Me are valid systems for Flash 10...

So... Why then does the Flash 10 ActiveX and Plugin not install on 9x? (I'll leave the answer to the conspiracy theorists!)

At least Tihiy worked out how to fool the Flash 10 Plugin to install, but so far the Flash 10 ActiveX will not install.

Worse, it first removes Flash 9, and then half installs Flash 10... Hmm.


For some reason I now get hardware acceleration that I have never had with Flash Player...

Thinking it was, I tested again, and it too works...

I've never been able to play full screen Flash Video (FLV) without seeing the frames drawing down the screen and getting an unusable frame rate.

Now it's awesome, and I don't know why!

Six weeks ago when I installed Flash 10 plugin for Firefox, it would not do hardware acceleration, and now it works too...

BTW, if you want to do a minor version roll back, you will need to see this Adobe TechNote: http://www.adobe.com/go/kb402435

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Java 1.6.0 update 7 can be installed by running the included .msi, if first stripped off of the installer (run the installer, let it unpack the .msi in Temp, grab it from there before closing the error message dialog).

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