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  1. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    what is when i overwrite these explorer.exe with the one from dr.hoiby 4.72.3612.1710 ?? explor98 patch and i found another version of 4.72.3612.1700 here --- http://support.microsoft.com/kb/246073/de im now a bit confused the original win 98se is 4.72.3110.1
  2. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    Why the explorer.exe 4.72.3612.1700 is included in NUSB 3.3 and what is patched ?????
  3. Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)

    I found big problems , in AP Dez you added these unoffical Patches 301453 , 272991 these are not in the Changelog !!!! so i must first find out whats the Problem !!! after that my ADSL Connection lost Power and Lost Connection after a while so i must replaced thes updated Files with older ones and after that my ADSL works great,without connection losses ndis.vxd 4.10.2226 to 4.10.2224 Q 243199 AP Oct. Full ;newer 4.10.2225 (Q 270063) i cant find vip.386 4.10.2228 to 4.10.2227 Q 269388 AP Oct. Full vnetbios.vxd 4.90.3001 to 4.10.1998 Win CD File ; newer 4.10.2223 (Q 265558) i cant find ppmac.vxd 4.10.2223 to 4.10.2222 Win 98 CD File
  4. Driver Packs for Windows 95,98/98SE,ME

    Intel Chipsetdrivers --Inf Update Utility 6.30.1007 --http://downloadcenter.intel.com/default.aspx --http://www.computerbase.de/downloads/treiber/mainboards/intel/intel_chipsatztreiber/ Terratec Sounddrivers --DmxFire -- http://www.opendrivers.com/company/2764/te...r-download.html Samsung Display Drivers (Syncmaster ) --http://www.yournewdriver.com/s/samsung/ Cnet --Ethernet --http://www.zdnet.de/treiber/man_prod_ud/cnet_netzwerk-karten_ud-wc.html http://www.download.com/Realtek-RTL-Gigabi...4-10278840.html
  5. Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)

    Why AP installs Java 6 upd 4 before Netframework 1.1 ????? see there : http://www.mdgx.com/add.htm#JAVA whats right ???
  6. BigHDD ,Vbemp x86 , PCHIO98 ?????
  7. Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)

    Sometimes i lost my history in ie6 ????? i installed ie 6 Sp1 +Patches from AP Dez. + 950759 (before i have 947864 , 942615) same thing something is strange here, often i lost connection to internet must restart the router ???? will test it out -maybe only a to large ie cache set it under 100mb disable further patches since AP Dez ,maybe the 939653 is good will see, the above Patches i dont no
  8. Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)

    Question run Shockwave Player 11 under win98 when i want load it from the Adobe Site an Applet comes up this is not a supportet Operating System i found this topic http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t114600.html i load a Version from this Site 11.0.458 http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/alternates/ but here is the OS supportet ?? but runs not also this Version http://www.mdgx.com/toy.htm#SHFL dont run so i stay with 10.2.023 runs stable
  9. Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)

    Recommondation for new AP Version: Java 6 Upd.7 , IE 950759 Cum. Upd. ,OE 941202 , DST Upd 951072 replace msimg32.dll (98) with Win ME msimg32.dll (so runs Opera 9.51 ) see MDDCU300E ,Big Open Box Upd , MDCUPL ,New Oleupd from MDGX ,New KernelEX 0.3.5 ,BigHDD 3.0 and i found this updates 274548 ,wdmmdm.exe are not in AP PCHIO98 , Q313829fix -- MDCU300 Replace Files with newer regsvr32.exe / extrac32.exe / extract.exe /msdaipp.dll / msconv97.dll /msvcp60.dll /advpack.dll /vpowerd.vxd from SESP30 Beta3 Better Installationroutine for: Tools9x ,Service 9x , 2to4 Digit ,TTFPack ,HHupd always i must install this by hand New Version of Infrarecorder is out 0.45 ; bad tool i must say better replace this crap or let it away Flash 9.0.124 ; Shockwave 10.2.23 runs Stable New Karens Directory Printer 5.2.9 New Anvir Task Manager Free 5.2 New NIS Time 3.31 i suggest Klugscheisser 3.2 better Scanreg Tool or Autostartmanager 1.45
  10. Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)

    I tested the Version of jscript.dll -- / (SCR569x)944338 also in mdi6cu22e (be aware of that)i do not recommend this update because of the 944338 -- (SCR579x) and i found that all newer Versions from up are buggy see older posts is totaly buggy / i found these Bugs -- go to this Site http://tel.search.ch/ type a name / search / hit the underlined name / hit maps / and i see no map !?????! only with it works fine ????? in Firefox it works fine and the best is when i login to my sunrise mail account , i dont see my messages,Site loads not all, must go to Firefox to work properly !!!!!!!????? no problem with older Version when i go to yahoo.de games applets wont load !!!??!?? and with newer jscript.dlls i have sometimes no historymenu anymore ?????? uuuuuuuaaahhhhhahhaaaaa I installed new AP DEZ Full (IE 6 Sp1 and 950759) Flash 9.0.124 shockwave (nothing newer will wait for final releases ) to test i will use only this will calm my nervs ,the rest of that crap Updates are realy s***y
  11. Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)

    IE Cumulative Update 947864 is old , newer is 950759 see MDIECU22
  12. Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)

    i tested hard the shockwaves and i found that the versions 10.2.022 and 10.2.023 are Stable newest 10.3.024 is crashy for Win 98 will wait for the next newer one to test so soporific you can add the 10.2.023 to AP Feb.
  13. Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)

    The versions of Shockwave on the Filehippo site are the full versions, with Google Toolbar. A link to "Slim" versions would be great. Meanwhile I have Slim (2.7 MB, dated 23.08.07). Let me know if you'd like me to upload it anywhere. go there http://oldapps.com/shockwave.php very usefull Site for Win 98 users
  14. Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)

    I had the same results with Shockwave It is not good for Win 9x+IE6. But Shockwave works fine on my system. However, I cannot find where I saved a copy of its full installer. I'd appreciate very much if someone were able to upload it somewhere and post a link to it. http://filehippo.com/download_shockwave/ i tested again 10.2.022 maybe its ok the testing Sites works will see i tested this really cool Site http://lifelong.engr.utexas.edu/shock.html and no errors with 10.2.022 would say we try it
  15. Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)

    are the Files from MDDACU in AP im not sure ?? what is pchio98.exe , 250867 v2,q313829 from mdcu 2.50 ?? is not in AP