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  1. I have changed the links to http://www2.zshares.net/wwss8fiy6naz for the bootlog created with Sysinternals Procm. and http://www2.zshares.net/uf7jggemudrk for the file created by Microsoft Bootvis Meanwhile I gave a try to solve the question by disinstalling Comodo CIS version 6.1 and that was the solution. It must have been e recent autoupdate that created the problem because I used alredy CIS for a while. Thanks to all of you who spent time in helping me to solve this problem.
  2. great idea here is the link to the bootlog.pml made with processmonitor http://www2.zshares.net/wwss8fiy6naz and here is the link to the file ( i don't know if it is right to call it a logfile or not) created by bootvis http://www2.zshares.net/uf7jggemudrk Both files are compressed in 7z format. Thanks
  3. Hello So I made a bootlog.txt file ( have a look at the attachment). Bootvis I tried already and even procmon, unfortunately both of them are creating big files impossible to attach here, and what is worse not comprehensive for me. ntbtlog.txt
  4. hello I did all the cleaning both of you suggested but there was not found anything remarkable. Malwarebytes signed as hacktool an utility that is used to find the serial number of the distro and another utility useful to find forgotten passwords in an emailclient. Anyway after let remove those two files and two reboots into safemode nothing else was found anymore. After I did the other scan with Combofix, without any result. And the problem persists.
  5. hello, all the sudden my Xp machine takes several minutes to boot up. After the splash screen comes up a black screen with only the mousepointer working, then after 3 to 5 minutes appears the login window and even after logging in the user ( or admin) account it takes a little bit toolong until getting a usable desktop. I can boot into safe mode without delays, but I have no idea how to solve. I did a repair-reinstall , but it did not solve the problem. On the same machine there is a Linux Ubuntu distro installed and that system is still working as before, so I would like to esclude hardware problems. If someone has an idea how to solve this problem I would appreciate a lot. Thanks attached there is a CPU-Z report describing the hardware my_computer.txt
  6. thanks for the hint, I extracted kernel32.dll installation media to C:\Widows\Sysbckup. Then I installed kernelex 4.5 and after reboot the same thing, explorer gui is coming up and then the the error messagge ' EXPLORER ha provocato un errore di pagina non valida nel modulo KERNEL32.DLL in 018f:bff9da91. Registri: EAX=00e0ffdc CS=018f EIP=bff9da91 EFLGS=00010212 EBX=00e4ffbc SS=0197 ESP=00e0ffdc EBP=00e10024 ECX=00000000 DS=0197 ESI=81c34394 FS=355f EDX=c0030948 ES=0197 EDI=81c370f4 GS=0000 Byte all'indirizzo CS:EIP: 53 56 57 89 65 e8 6a 1c 50 ff 75 08 e8 84 78 fe Immagine dello stack: ' after this shutdown with ALT- CTRL- CANC , reboot into safe mode, uninstall kernelex and reboot into normal mode. the version of kernel32.dll is 4.10.2222. the version of explorer.exe is 4.72.3612.1710 Any ideas how to debug?
  7. hello My system is Win98Se. Installing kernelex4.5 makes my system freeze on bootup, so I need to reboot in safemode to uninstall. Any ideas ?
  8. I have tried to install nokia pcsuite using the latest KernalEx, but the installing software asked for administrative rights and this seems to be impossible on a win98 system. I tried another way extracting the drivers files from the installpackage and then let windows try to install the drivers from the new folder when requested. Unfortunately both solutions didn't work. If someone has an idea?? regards
  9. Hello my system is Win98se with nusb3.3 and updated with the the latest patches found on this forum. I wonder if there is a way to install the driver found in Nokia's pc_suite designed for Win_Xp and newer. regards
  10. Hello, I am using an italian version of win98se and thanks to your efforts its performing fine. I would like to know how to avoid to install older (superseeded) updates. Is there any program that can help? thanks

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