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[Uploaded] SYSDM.CPL


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sorry guys...where is the value to edit the width of the window? i'm using the italian version of XP and i'd like the same window of ricktendo :) HELP ME PLEASE :)

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D***, why am i finding this so hard

under Bitmap i only have 1 & 2 to change

So, do you mean Icon 1,3 & 6 to change?

the dialog text is fine and works all ok


apologies, didn't realise a large puddle of water held up by a large wall with 'n' on the end was bad.


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OK the only way i know how to do it is in Restorator, you should see the bitmaps plus the ones you added here. 1, 2, 3 and 4


now go to dialog 101 and make sure that this is checked


On the right you will see a drop down box, this you can select difrent sections of the dialog to edit and make better. select bitmap you want and check the box that says Visible.


Use the preview to see where you are at, look for the highlighted sqares. you can alo make the dialog box bigger by just draging it or streching it.

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