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  1. Guys, i need your help with something, i need an IP cam software thats support multi cam and reliable for recording, and saving the video in a standard format like wmv, and reliable enough, want your opinion all please.
  2. http://xp2600.blogspot.com/2008/04/how-to-...-directory.html
  3. I agree with jaclaz compressing it locally before transfer it, seems the best solution, also i don't think a batch contain three batches gonna be good, cause each batch will take its own time to open a session and start copy and so on.
  4. Well without a domain environment it gonna be annoying, cause you will need to disable gp each time you login and re enable it before you log off, i recommend make him a user or power user instead of give him administrators permissions.
  5. XP_2600

    LSSAS.exe ?

    Mostly its a virus, cause windows service named lsass.exe, and its from microsoft so its will not give a warning about unknown publisher, try to run any up to date anti virus and anti spyware.
  6. Guys recently i put this post for some friends who needed to backup there servers by an easy way, and i thought sharing it with you will not be bad, but excuse me for typos and miss arrangement, i made it fast, hope you find it useful. http://xp2600.blogspot.com/2008/01/how-to-...-server-or.html
  7. Stoic Joker, thanks so much for informing him, Woomera i think i know a lot more than you so don't try to judge about people and try to learn something useful better, and by the way i just checked your earlier posts, and i recommend you to get Windows XP track before you try to reply to anymore posts .
  8. Hi all, i need your help with something i have a network contain about 300 machines and they are connected via switches some machines on one branch crash to the network i know that cause when i turn off all machines in this building network working fine, but i want to isolate the problem, so i think i need to monitor the traffic from all machines to get which one cause these problems any software recommendations?
  9. Guys is there anyway to set an ASP file as background for windows instead of HTML file ? if there is any work around to do that please let me know.
  10. guys i need to something so simple, i have to attach a site in IIS here just collecting three pieces of information employee name and employee ID and last name, i want to html form do it and save the data in a text file near the html code, i have windows 2003 and IIS running i have frontpage exctentions running but i dont have PhP and i cant install it, so any ideas ? please help.
  11. you have to try this command as well: sfc /scannow and if it asked for windows xp insert it.
  12. I cant get this Windows update KB:875506 if anyone can upload it to me it gonna be cool, thanks so much.
  13. Cool, im going to stay with Windows XP for awhile, so any exported stuff from vista are welcome .
  14. Guys is there any known simulator simulate Sun Solaris open boot in normal PCs ? i want to try some open boot commands, and i dont have access to a Sprc box right now.
  15. Thats right. And he should check Fast User Switching service, maybe its disabled.
  16. Well, another solution is export my AD objects out (using a utility like ldifde) and re build the system from scratch, by theway is there any third party utility helping with exporting objects from Active Directory ?
  17. Hi there I used to backup Windows 2000 and 2003 servers domains using Acronis true image server, and its really stable and fast, but i always have a problem that i wish to avoid, everytime i restore the server, i need to re join the machines to the domain, with a high number of machines, it can become a hard work, any ideas to avoid need to re join the machines after restoring the domain controller ?
  18. Thanks so much guys, i thought so its cause of authenticated users, but i wasnt sure, thanks again
  19. Guys i need help with Windows XP NTFS security settings, here it is the scenario: any Windows XP machine have built in Administator which is a member of the administrators group by default, and i checked again that its not a member of any other groups, so i created a folder lets say in D:\mynewfolder and i go to advanced and moved the inheritance option (figure number 1), and then i back to the Security tab window and i added the administator account which named to (admin) and i give it full permissions(figure number2), and i added users group and i give it deny permission(figure number3) .(again the admin account is not a member of the users group(figure number4)), now when i log with admin account and try to open the folder i get access denied permission(figure number5), again admin account is not a member of users account, and again it have full access permissions in the folder, anyone have a logical reason why i cant open it ? *Its a Windows XP Professional, and its a stand alone system (not a member of domain).
  20. Sometimes, specially in older machines i prefer to use mspaint more than Adobe Photoshop, which take longtime to load.
  21. Guys i need a driver for Genius g-shot G511 digital camera, the Genius web page which have the driver seems down, if anyone have it please upload it to me anywhere as fast as he can, thanks so much.
  22. Well, Server service suppose to be running all the time at Windows NT (2k/XP/2003) its responsible for

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