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How many Operating Systems Do You Boot


How many Operating Systems Do You Boot  

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I always use GRUB, and run 98, 2Kpro, XPpro, Vista (OMG, how totally lame), Solaris, Suse, Fedora, PCLOS, along with a few other (transient) Linux flavors. Not a blind obsession, I need to test my apps on all platforms. But my first partition for the past 10 years, is always W98SE, and it is the ONLY WinTel I ever trust on the net! Of course, that is after a lot of castration... removing the MS-Malware: MSIE, MSOE, WinUpd, WSH, WinJava (ruled illegal in DOJ Sun suit anyway). Once that is done properly, I have never found a virus that doesn't bring up a "duh, whattayawannaopenthisthingwith?" dialog. Nothing left to "collaborate with the enemy". Absolutely immune to all viruses ever made, once FireFox w NoScript/Flashblock have been configured sensibly. Of course, there is no way any of my Win kernels will get any software updates from MS.com after all this, but who wants someone lifting up my gal's skirt on line, anyway? W98SE was quite simply, ostracized by its own daddy, because of its potential invulnerability and stability, not its "security hazards" as MS claims. Removing the lift-and-peek built-in back doors from W98SE makes the most stable Win platform ever made, since 622. That is why they pressure Sandisk, Kingston, PQI and all the other USB manufacturers to deny 98 compatibility... specifically (all manufacturers who provide W98 USB access natively get removed from standard driver packages in the newer editions). MS-Blackmail, the usual suspect. This is so they could force ignorant consumers to use an OS on line that would totally lay down and drop its drawers for any probe... and more importantly, data collection. The first time I registered my W2Kpro on line, I got barraged with spam in my (previously) spam-free mailbox, overnight. All the spam was personal, addressed to the ("user") name I used on line in that registration. Some was rude, obscene, proving beyond a doubt just how few moral scruples MS has about "to whom" it sells its registered user database. So I participated in your poll, not to boast, but to explain why I have a scrolling menu list at boot time, and why W98SE is the only MS entry I ever punch while the 10-100 is plugged in. So I really appreciate this forum, which seems to have attracted all the sensible folks who (know) the MS spin against 98, and unjustified abandonment, is BS. It is the ONLY safe 32-bit progeny of a rogue corporation, so we will never allow it to be annihilated. We will keep it alive -and vital. I suspect MS will order this entire comment removed... but I will send all here, big kudos anyway.

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I have Windows 2003 Server (my favourite OS) on one computer with bootpart (http://www.winimage.com/bootpart.htm) giving me double-boot to Linux CentOS 5.1;

On another box there is an n-lited WinXP (I detest that virus-like Windows Media Player, plus I slimmed down some other components);

A third machine runs pure Windows XP, which until very recently was double-booted for testing with Windows Server 2008 (removed due to hardware incompatibilities, although it was nice and speedy).

I also run Knoppix from time to time...

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i've two boot on my old pc

old pc config:

Clock speed 800mhz


Two DVD Writers

OS:XP-x32bit platform;98SE

I've one boot on my new pc

new pc Config:

Clock speed:2.6Ghz

1024MB RAM

One DVD Writer & one DVD Combo

OS:XP-x32bit platform

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I have four OS's on my Laptop.....and I can't imagine why somebody would need 10 or more OS's one just one machine :wacko:

  1. Fedora11 (With about 6 kernels...don't ask me why :unsure: )
  2. Windows 7 (Upgraded from Vista)
  3. Windows XP
  4. Ubuntu

You know, you guys with a recovery partition (well if you didn't blow it up that is) technically have a dual boot right there! :lol:

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You know, you guys with a recovery partition (well if you didn't blow it up that is) technically have a dual boot right there! :lol:
LOL...... I've totally forgotten everything related to that partition.

However, thanks to your post, I have 5 OS's now :lol:

And no......I didn't blow it up.

It'd be a shame to blow up something that took too much time to get fixed, so I burnt it!! :ph34r: ...........................on DVDs ofcourse :lol:

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Thanks to grub4dos

I have boot

Windows XP & WinPE

Windows Vista & WinPE7

Windows 7 & WinPE6

Ubuntu 9.10

Fefora 12


Parted Magic

GeeXboX : Open Media Center

Microsoft MS-DOS 7.1 & Windows 3.1

title Microsoft MS-DOS 7.1 & Windows 3.1 (ms-dos.gz)\n Uruchamia MS-DOS 7.1 [Version 7.10.1999]...\n Microsoft Windows 3.1 from dos...
find --set-root --ignore-floppies /images/ms-dos.gz
uuid ()
## kernel /images/memdisk.gz
## initrd /images/ms-dos.gz
map /images/ms-dos.gz (fd0) || map --mem /images/ms-dos.gz (fd0)
map --hook
chainloader (fd0)/io.sys

MenuetOS x32bit

title MenuetOS x32bit (m32.gz)\n Uruchamia MenuetOS x32bit (m32.gz)...
find --set-root --ignore-floppies /images/m32.gz
uuid ()
kernel /images/memdisk.gz
initrd /images/m32.gz

SliTaz GNU/Linux

title SliTaz GNU/Linux (2.0) (Small Linux Distro)\n Uruchamia SliTaz GNU/Linux (2.0)...\n SliTaz GNU/Linux is a free operating system working completely in memory...\n Kernel Linux (i686)...
fallback 0
find --set-root --ignore-floppies /images/slitaz/kernel.dat
uuid ()
kernel /images/slitaz/kernel.dat lang=en kmap=pl2 rw root=/dev/null vga=normal autologin
initrd /images/slitaz/initrd.dat

Puppy Linux


itle Puppy Linux (Small Linux Distro)\n Uruchamia Puppy Linux v4.3 NTFS Read / Write...
fallback 0
find --set-root --ignore-floppies /images/puppy/vmlinuz
uuid ()
kernel /images/puppy/vmlinuz root=/dev/ram0 pmedia=idehd pkeys=pl pfix=ram
initrd /images/puppy/initrd.gz

TinyCore Linux

title TinyCore Linux (tinycore.iso)\n TinyCore Linux...
find --set-root /images/tinycore.iso
uuid ()
map /images/tinycore.iso (0xff) || map --mem /images/tinycore.iso (0xff)
map --hook
chainloader (0xff)


and a few ather live linux :blushing:

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