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  1. Yes, please! I seem to be regularly installing Vista in various VirtualBox and VMWare machines. The update process on a VM is slightly more interminable than non-virtualised, so anything that can hasten the process early on is invaluable. And BTW, many thanks for maintaining this repository on Mega!
  2. It seems to be more complicated than installing a single KB., as many of us who tried the "new Update Agent" solution have found. This page has more detailed information, and - crucially - is updated each month to reflect the next update required following Patch Tuesday. http://wu.krelay.de/en/
  3. Possibly also the vagaries of English spelling when the word spelled colonel is a homophone of kernel.
  4. The Department of Homeland Security has advised that PC owners uninstall Apple's QuickTime for Windows, after two vulnerabilities were discovered in its code. Because Apple is no longer updating the Windows version of the software, the DHS says "the only mitigation" is to remove the software entirely, or else risk "loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data, as well as damage to system resources or business assets." More information: The Verge
  5. Another vote for PaleMoon. Using it is like remembering the Firefox (pre-Australis mainly) that used to be innovative and fun to use. I began using PM instead of FF when extensions I was using were disabled by the new FF signing enforcement. What is more, PaleMoon has some of its own extensions, which open up the interface to yet more tweaking and optimising.
  6. It's Windows, Jim - but not as we know it.

  7. My WUWEB.DLL is v256. It was with that one that the search for updates required more than two hours.
  8. Thank you for posting the direct links. I had suffered a day of "page not available" on the MS site for this patch. I have been reinstalling Vista x64, waiting twice over ten hours in WU with nothing but the CPU meter at 100% the whole while. I had already updated the Update Agent. Not entirely sure that KB3139852 + reboot did it for me. The wait for the updates to appear on a clean SP2 install was still over two hours. Then I was presented with a list of 175 updates! All went smoothly after that.
  9. lost_packet


    You're not keen on it, then?
  10. Why do you need to spy on server users in this way (over and above the usual log files)?
  11. Cheapest software of all is Open DNS. Also, siting the computer for the kids' use in a public place within the family environment will be better than any number of Net Narnies or Spies. Some people, myself included, would suggest that the home computer is not the only one your child will have an opportunity to access "adult" or disturbing material on. Whaddya' do about that? Is blocking software the right approach at all? Could you defeat such software, or know someone who knows a way to defeat it (a handy, online message board, for example)? I'm certain I could find a way if I were determined enough. This brings up the less compact alternative (than a 'pay-fee, click-setup' software approach) of finding time for discussions with your child, sharing and listening to them, educating yourself and them about online risks. Our Internet access is increasingly being censored/monitored by our governments. Training your children to accept restrictions imposed from above at an early age steps into the same pattern.
  12. If you visit the TrueCrypt homepage you will be greeted not with information about the best cross-platform open-source crypto software available, but a warning to avoid it as it has "unfixed security issues". What happened? Did the page get hacked by a national security agency, irritated that its citizens have avoided scrutiny of sensitive files by locking them in a password-protected container? Did the developers of TrueCrypt receive an insight into a backdoor or flaw in the encryption software that made it inadvisable to continue with the project? Were they leant on by the same security agencies and then served with a gagging order? The website offers downloads to TrueCrypt 7.2 now. This also has a warning within it, and will decrypt existing containers but not encrypt new ones. The website suggests migrating to Bit Locker on Windows (sic.) as a way of protecting files from now on. Whatever has gone on here, it looks like TrueCrypt has some rough times ahead, and is possibly dead in the water. This from The Register.
  13. ...and to keep the drive toasty warm all the time, not only when there's hard frost in the room.
  14. Oh yes, I remember Zardoz: "The gun is good; the penis is evil". Not one of John Boorman's best, but an interesting distopia. Soylent Green is fantastic, but could hardly be said to be 'underrated'. Plenty of people have seen it. The movie I keep returning to whenever forgotten sci-fi films are discussed is They Live, directed by John Carpenter. "A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth. Wearing them, he is able to see the world as it really is: people being bombarded by media and the government with messages such as 'Stay Asleep', 'No Imagination', 'Submit to Authority'. Currency notes appear as white pieces of paper bearing the phrase, 'This is Your God'." Superbly metaphorical for the present day, it is one of those cult films you rant about long after everyone else has moved on to extolling the special effects in Gravity.
  15. That information panel/clock you have on the right of your desktop is very handy. Does it show/hide on mouseover? I also have XFCE4 (two weeks and counting) running on Ubuntu 12.04 and love it to bits, but haven't seen that panel anywhere previously.

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