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How many Operating Systems Do You Boot


How many Operating Systems Do You Boot  

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  1. 1. How many Operating Systems Do You Boot?

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So how many OS's do you boot and what are they?

i run 3

98se, XP Pro and Ubuntu 6.06

(yes i know that 40 is very unrealistic but there might be just one person who does boot that many)

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Between my personal machines I boot roughly 10 OSs depending on the role and task. So I picked 10-20, but I doubt if I get anywhere near 20.

My faves:




Various flavors of Linux

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I cannot have more than 4 different *types* of OS becoz of the 4 primary partition limitation as i hav only one HDD :(

( why is such limitation ???, 512 byte mbr ?)

with 1 primary windows partition i boot XP, XP x64,2k3,

Vista need another primay partition otherwise (if in logical) it remap C: drive

linux dont need any primary partition if u use GRUB

so i install Ubuntu, SuSE & Fedora,debian

Then with another primary HFS+ use Mac OS X

the rest 1 primary partiton for any OS => for testing (if available -when vista installed in logical)

so total abt 8+

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