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XPero's utilities


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Unfortunatelly , the following links are'nt working anymore.




So, can anyone send me those files, or they've made modifications to actual links? 

Ym! ethys_mallerned@yahoo.com

Google talk! Ethys_mallerned@gmail.com

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Hi Xpero, I tried all the links in here but they seem to be dead, I went to your new download location but folder type fix is not there which is what I really wanted, Could you please provide a link, if it's not too much to ask :blushing:


Already posted bycbosdell, sory 4 that, didn't notice...

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will you think of making a tool that works like expander but :

working with more applications that can make use of the command line

based on what a user keeps in parameters :

[name]="choose a short name for the process"

[appspath]=original path\ start in ""

[commad] "app.exe \switches"

[now_using] "%name%" =schemes [save|delete] for ..storing all the relative parameters for each process

keeping but one box for the drag&drop

keeping the [name] from the scheme on it. so one knows what scheme is currently running ...showing in the shell extension aswell ..


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Xpero, any chance of submitting the Image resizer tool to the Paint.net team? You've done an awesome job on it, but they could add all sorts of optimisations and tweaks to it (as I'm sure you could)

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