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  1. Hi everyone! I'm wondering if it's any Windows 10 Unattended Guide around here. I would be more than happy to participate in building it if it's not! Thank you!
  2. Hi guys, girls! I'm just curios to find out which coding language is used in coding of Windows Operating Systems ! Thank's in advance!
  3. Hello! Hello! Good to be back!

  4. Hi there!!! Hope this will work for you. 1. Put your windows cd onto your cd/dvd drive. 2. Hit Start>Run> type in "sfc /scannow" without the quotas and wait to finish. Then after completion give a restart and try to run the applications. If still doesn't work, post here. I'll do the best to help you on this.
  5. Hello folks , down here I've posted a screen that I want to modify his background color. I find out that the basic hex code that is responssible for the blue color in these downthere screens is located in a file , setupldr.bin, but I dunno know hex editing. If it's someone does do, please help me in order to chage that annoying blue screen. Thank you.
  6. Great find, but you can also modify the text directly from htm_ pages. Off course they must be expanded first and then with makecab.exe compressed again, and putted onto I386 root. But \i386\usetup.exe is also a nice find. Thank you. You did a great job.
  7. "%SystemRoot%\System32\oobe\images" ,Thank you, this is usefull for searching faster which file it is responssible,but I find those posted upthere directly from source code on html pages posted there, in a harder way than you find, but I wanna modify compressed files, not uncompressed ones. For what I need to modify uncompressed where XP never use them and crash ?!?. So, here we speak about files like backdown.gi_ ..... not bacdown.GIF, because the XP will never use them in a uncompressed form. Anyway, thank's for share, it is a really good find. P.S - What is the opposite command of expand ? I tried shrink, defract,makecab compress.exe from Pixelcart and it never compress me any file. On google I found only what's I usualy expect, only dead links and with none answer.
  8. Sorry for late. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ USER ACCOUNT SCREEN File Source LIST~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Created by Blackmodder a.k.a Aries or Nicola Radu on 16 January 2008 at 02:14 AM These files are used at the user account creation screens, after XP install's, and at some little tutorials. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They are all in the E:/I386 directory of your "Microsoft XP" disc , where E:/ is the name of your CD\DVD -ROM\RAM drive. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ATTENTION !!! Copy them onto a folder on your hard disk (or partition) if you want to modify them. Directly from CD\DVD you'll not be able to edit them because they're read-only, and it's not accepting writing operations.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Images used on the screens: btn1.gi_ btn2.gi_ btn3.gi_ backup.jp_ backover.jp_ backdown.jp_ backoff.jp_ cloapp.gi_ cloapph.gi_ cnt.gi_ cntd.gi_ cnth.gi_ dialup.gi_ exclam.gi_ merlin.gi_ nextup.jp_ nextover.jp_ nextdown.jp_ nextoff.jp_ greenshd.gi_ grn_btn.gi_ redshd.gi_ Skipup.jp_ Skipover.jp_ Skipdown.jp_ Skipoff.jp_ vidsamp.gi_ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Web Pages (Html) used for hold images and informations (txt). welcome.ht_ activ.ht_ activate.ht_ activerr.ht_ activsvc.ht_ autoupdt.ht_ badeula.ht_ badkey.ht_ compname.ht_ contents.ht_ fini.ht_ ident2.ht_ jndomain.ht_ jndom_a.ht_ miglist.ht_ prodkey.ht_ safemode.ht_ security.ht_ tip.ht_ timezone.ht_ tsweb1.ht_ username.ht_ welcome.ht_ wmptour.ht_ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But, those backgrounds only spidermannet4@yahoo.com , or moomamax@yahoo.com knows how to add. Please contact him and see which files are responssible with them. P.S and for late i want to tell that I went in a new town, and untill i moved all the things, stuff , etc even my PC it past a while. Please don't get upset on me. Oh.. and You should know something... Copy the following codes into a new text document and after that save each one with " .bat " extension. I used for renaming expanded files, that preserve the original name : ex: if you expand a file, let's say "something.JP_" it still remain with the same name, only the size is increasing when you type something like : ""C:\XPCD\ expand *.JP_ C:\XPCD2\ "" in a CMD window. Here is your code : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @echo off ren *.JP_ *.JPG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may put whetever extension did you wish in place of JP_ and JPG tags. Examples.. HT_ it will become HTM, GI_ will become GIF, etc, etc... Hope I helped. Ohh, and for those who knows how to save in .bat after it was written in .txt open a "MyComputer" window (Explorer.exe or Win + E) point to "Tools "and then go to "Folder Options" (even from Control Panel if you still don't find it) and after this go at "View" tab, and in that list search for "Hide Extensions For Known File Types". If it's marked, unmark it. Press apply, then oki, and you should see the changes. I have also uploaded a few batch scripts..sorry if I mistake with their names, my first language isn't english, soo I do not spell too well. Feel free to download them and edit, for see how are created. Please the advanced users, don't come up with critics, only with help, because this comunnity it was created for helping each others. Thank You, Blackmodder 2008. batch_scripts.zip
  9. Yes it may, but for me,.... didn't works with Vlite ,it crashes at installation, and so that's why he put the patched dll here. Maybe he knew this thing before come you and post without a bit little thinking. Thank you Nepali for let me to download it!!! I have 1,4 AMD Thunderbird CPu , 256 SDRAM, 40 GB Hitachi HDD, Radeon 9250 SE 128/128. And Vista run's very well on it.
  10. Found it, who want to have the list it will find me on yahoo messenger at ethys_mallerned.
  11. What files do i need to modify in order to obtain something like these screens and does anyone know how to change this blue screen color from here Thank you in advance.
  12. Thank you , Thank you, Thank you, how did i past those post' s :-/ .... finaly , Thank you.
  13. Unfortunatelly , the following links are'nt working anymore. "http://www.xpize.net/downloads/shrinkit/ShrinkIt1b2.rar http://www.xpize.net/downloads/expander/eXPander15.rar http://www.xpize.net/downloads/dllregister/DllRegisterBeta.rar" So, can anyone send me those files, or they've made modifications to actual links? Ym! ethys_mallerned@yahoo.com Google talk! Ethys_mallerned@gmail.com
  14. Wow, this is great. Good work. I was looking for a software like this a long time ago, but patience is everytime useful. Thank you.
  15. in about two weeks i'll be finishing it
  16. I use Pe explorer from HeavenTools. It's super and is simply to use. And for WinntBBU.dll i use WinntBBUed from here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=50166# Thank's for ever those who created winntBBUed and for team who worked on it.
  17. Maybe this will help you, and after you download and install it, you may need to restart your computer. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en If doesn't work wait for more responses.
  18. I've completed the meta tags fields and also i've done AD exchange with another's forum's or even websites, and also i have sent an ADvertise reques to google,to include it in their search engine,but i've did't' geteven a answer yet from them and i'm still waiting.if you search google for blackmodder it will find something but even in romania,or maybe external countries i don't know sure. Thank's all for replies.
  19. I have a forum, where i sell PC component's and offer services,and also i have some friend's who speak within. I wan't to advertise it on web search motors even google. I have no credit card to pay the advertise service . Do you know any free advertise services??? Thank's.
  20. I don't understand this part. As long as you 1. Don't use the same design (graphical headers and color scheme) 2. Link back to the original 3. I ask if you add new pages, add them back to the original as well. I don't see any problems. Ok ! Now I'm trying to explain you what I meaned upthere. On site http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/ is a function to complete the guide and even translate it.I was afraid , because I think if I'm trying to translate from there it will be modified the hole interface there ,and every time when somenone get there it will appear in Romanian language. So that was why choose to speak with you here. But I'll done something else,I will translate it and then I will send to you the translated files,beacuse you have the acces to all on your server. I hope I maded you understand what i'm meaned to. Thank's for time afforded. And also please excuse my english ,i wrote this message fast, I need to go at work.
  21. And please delete this ... http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=96253
  22. Mã bucur!!! = I'm glad .... for you that you're trying to learn romanian. And about translating I think too. And Heck Yes I will keep credentials, what some people think (not you) .. that I'll atributte all to me ...???? No way it's a stupid idea to do not keep the credentials.

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