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Between two stock kernels the only things that change are the language-specific resources near the end of the file.

If you compare the fixed and stock kernels you'll find ~64 bytes at 2bbbc that are changed. That is the fix.

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OK, now I understand.

But why when I have compare the original italian file with patched italian file the "language-specific resources near the end of the file" aren't equal?

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On behalf of the MSFN team, I would like to inform you all that LLXX's behaviour was not appreciated on MSFN. She was given several warnings about the forum rules, but refused to cooperate. She left us no choice but to ban her.

Any discussion of the ban in this thread will not be tolerated and will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Thank you for your understanding.

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It is a 'VERY RARE' if "unheard of" occasion that I [JOIN] a forum ... yet even "RARER" that I in a forum.

Reason: because I have a disability that makes it very fatiguing to do intensive typing.

But from the "Help" on this particular subject, that I gained here, in solving the 2Gigabyte Barrier-

I felt that I owed You {ALL} a response.

A key maxim to follow is, "If it Ain't Broke,Don't Fix It !"

After all the reading (research) I did here about modified "shell32.dll" files of various versions,

I was trying to figure out the code sequence location in my (shell32.dll v5.50.4134.101) that needed

to be set to an unconditional JUMP - instead of the CONDITIONAL JUMP.

Somehow (accidently) I read someones comment about how to create a GIGANTIC sized test file ...

less than 4 GigaBytes ... to test Windows Explorer copying ability [Pass -OR-Fail].

They referenced using WinZip to create 1 BIG file.

Since I was NOT having succes finding the 'byte sequence' to modify and less success finding a

Windows 98SE based assembly code (disassembler), ..................

I checked my hard drive and

1) Made a ZIPfile of my FlightSim 2002 directory (approximately: 1.9Gb over 2 Billion single bytes)

2) I copied the archive from 1 hard drive to the other for the fastest copy time.

3) Renamed the copies "Over2GB-A.zip" and "Over2GB-B.zip" .......... Then

4) I used Windows Explorer to get both archives ( on the same drive / in the same directory)

5) I used WinZIP to make a single archive "Almost4GB.ZIP"

Winzip - SUCCESS, file Created.

Then, using Windows Explorer, I copied the "Almost4GB.zip" file

from the actual physical E: drive to the physical D: drive

... not Physical C: drive. (No partitions)

Explorer copy - SUCCESS.

I attempted to test defragging on the E: drive by deleting the 2GB file created earlier.

My Vopt99 v4.31 presented the large 3.6 Gigabyte file as 'LOCKED' in place.

Vopt99 apparently works by copying the whole file from one location on the hard drive to another -


I then attempted defragging with the Windows 98SE faster defragger version v4.90.0.3000 .

( This defragger seems to move cluster by cluster of the file )

Although in the 'show details' view, after about 86% it stopped showing the visual progress, ....

but .... it completed the defragging of the 3.6GigaByte file - SUCCESSfully.

The KEY point to this whole story (The missing CLUE)

I had installed "Revolutions Pack 4 build 2700" for Windows 98(SE) - I purchased Win98SE.

I don't know if "Tihy's Revolutions Pack version 4 build 2700" is even still to be found on the web.

I realized prior to the install that this is a NO-GO-BACK installation.

Due to an original line in the "makbackup.bat" installation file

del %windir%\sysbckup

........ users windows\sybckup directory contents were being completely deleted !

Other users pointed this out to the author suggesting ........

move %windir%\sysbckup %windir%\oldbckup (so as not to destroy the original)

The only thing I preferred to keep was the Win98Se version of "scandskw.exe"

The "scandskw.exe" in the installation refused to save MY PREFERENCES for scanning and

whether (or not) to 'fix automatically'.

I do like the fade in menus ( with shadows on the edges).

I used Xnview to resize the shadow_bottom.bmp (LARGER).

Since the shadow_right.bmp was animated, ................ I made a new one by rotating the

shadow_bottom.bmp in Xnview, THEN I enlarged it from 6 pixels to 16 pixels.

The larger the shadow gives the feel of a larger 3D distance the menu is raised out of the screen.

Overall, .......... I am pleased with my choice,

now that I have confirmed for myself that I DO NOT need to fix a problem I thought I had,

but don't.

The only further testing I will need to do is which 3rd party programs break the FIX.

When I used Turbo Navigator file manager ( "tn.exe" ) to copy the 3.6 GigaByte file,

then checked (right-click) file 'Properties' afterwards ..........

the status bar of Turbo Navigator said filesize 2GB ( not a valid archive - corrupt)

That was only after turbo Navigator had handled the file.

Thank You all for Your dialogue that promped my enlightenment !

I also installed the ESDI_506.pdr to break the barrier of 128GB hard drive.

Currently I have (3each) Western Digital 80Gig drives to ensure DOUBLE-BACKUP against

total disaster.

I only had to Boot-up on E: drive and copy the Windows directory back from D: drive to C: drive

once ....... due to catastrophic file deleteion. But that once proved the value of 3 Hard drives.

Take care ALL !

Edited by TheOptimizer
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This Post on the "Large quantity file deletion Hang" in Win98SE

in relation to

SHELL32.dll version 5.50.4134.101

is being put under further testing.

The Post on the "Breaking the 2 GigaByte Barrier" above referencing

SHELL32.dll version 5.50.4134.101

is still CORRECT.

Edited by TheOptimizer
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- What is the difference between your patch and this patch? http://www.mdgx.com/files/C2GBME.EXE
Don't know what's with that one. The _llseek doesn't even look like it was fixed.

Edit: This problem doesn't affect explorer.exe in WinME so maybe that file is just a dummy.

Actually the KERNEL32.DLL patch installed by C2GBME.EXE does the same as the LLXX KERNEL32.DLL patch (quoted from the anonymous author's notes, which pops up whenever you install C2GBME.EXE):
Unofficial Windows ME 2-4 GB Files Errors KERNEL32.DLL 4.90.3001 Fix

This fix installs patched KERNEL32.DLL 4.90.3001 into %windir%\SYSTEM [%windir% = usually C:\WINDOWS].

This fix allows to create/copy/move/rename/delete files larger than 2 GB (GigaBytes) and up to 4 GB in size.

Without this fix, the following error message appears:

"Cannot create / replace "filename.xxx". The parameter is incorrect."

whenever trying to create/copy/move/rename/delete files larger than 2 GB.

How to uninstall this fix:

Start button -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> select "Remove Unofficial 2-4 GB Files Errors KERNEL32.DLL Fix" -> click Add/Remove button -> reboot.

More info:



- Copy > 2 GB Files Patch MSFN forum:


Geek speak:

The _llseek function calls SetFilePointer and Win9x SetFilePointer API (Application Programming Interface) does not comply with the official API definition.

FILE_BEGIN Value = The starting point is zero or the beginning of the file.

If FILE_BEGIN is specified, DistanceToMove is interpreted as an *unsigned* location for the new file pointer.

The buggy Win9x code always interprets DistanceToMove as a signed location.

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This Post on the "Large quantity file deletion Hang" in Win98SE

in relation to

SHELL32.dll version 5.50.4134.101

is being put under further testing.

The Post on the "Breaking the 2 GigaByte Barrier" above referencing

SHELL32.dll version 5.50.4134.101

is still CORRECT.

Shell32.dll version 5.50.4134.101 does NOT exist, TheOptimizer. :huh:

Latest version of shell32.dll for WinME that I know of is version 5.50.4134.120

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"utils" made in LLXX - 2FC2GBME.EXE is possible use on czech files (shell32.dll and kernell32.dll)?

For correctly support 2GB /Win98 /Tihiy RevolutionPack needed both files? (And esdi_506.pdr?)

(With czech version RevolutionPack / Win98 use shell32.dll /winME). What file: esdi_506.pdr, win98 or winME?

Please help czech project... :thumbup

Czech files: (your win98 files (czech) and original CD WinME (czech) files (1865602)


Thx at your times... and sorry my stupid english.... :blushing:

P.S.: LLXX - Banned

Why? And end time ban?

Please e-mail, ICQ by LLXX or other help with project....

Edited by Philco
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