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I have been designing some themes recently and the biggest problem I am running in to is what to do with the media player. There just isn't a good place for it sometimes. So then I go to thinking: Do I even need it in the WPI window? My count down timer is 30 seconds; won't hear much of a song. Even if it was 2-5 minutes, might get one complete song in. Seems kind of pointless.

So I ask you: besides in the installer window, do we REALLY need the media player in the main WPI window? Would you miss it if I took it out of the themes?

(I'm not trying to start an argument here, keep it civalized)

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Nope it's not really needed. The function it has for me is that when the music starts playing I know I am able (for as long as the timer is set) to make the neccssary installation choices. During install I don't use it at all. A signal of repeating beeps would be nice. Maybe that can be accomplished without the WMP code? The audible signal can be nice. If to much hassle, throw it out, like Sadicq has done for me a while back.

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If you guys want, I can have WPI play a sound file when first started to get your attention. This will not require the media player. What do you think?

And if you have a good sound sample, email it to me.

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@RJTPlomp: the final 10 seconds has beeping now. (5.3) Not loud by any means, but was the first short simple beep I could find. If anyone has a better one send it my way.

@mritter Yep, just tested it. I missed that functionality. Practically I would like to have something louder (nuclear blast would help indeed ;-). And something that runs a longer (preferably configurable) period of time. Now I would have to run my butt off to reach the pc, click the timer to be able to check or uncheck the applications to install.


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i use this autoIT script. loaded and modified somewhere from www.autoitscript.com/forum

(maybe a script with a talking clock there !??... downloaded some months ago)

but i do not run it on beginning , i run it when wpi ends his job.

just before my own multi-oprtions shutdown/restart... script.


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