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  1. @sadicq Could be. Not sure. It could also be that when you don't use the correct syntax for switches that it throws such an error. I tried the run from gui... and indeed I don't get an error. Not sure. Maybe a virus after all.
  2. @DryKillLogic: I think that message appears when you run the program from the Windows GUI. It's intended for use (startup) from the commandline only. I don't think it has to do with a virus. As I remember it says something about AutoIt script error. Try to start it from the commandline, when that works you can also use it from WPI. Roland
  3. Config Grid

    In my opinion the following configurable items would go perfectly into a EDITABLE grid at the top (full width) of the screen: Name, Install Order, Unique ID, Default, Forced, Category, Configurations Followed with a line-per-item based bottom part of the screen for the rest of the items. Of course you could discuss which items go in the grid and which at the bottom. But this is my idea. So opposite to your screens of side-by-side layout. I would go for a top-bottom layout. Roland Dordrecht, The Netherlands
  4. WPI 5.4 Official release

    I explained it in this post here. Roland
  5. WPI 5.4 Official release

    Great, will test when I find the time also! Roland
  6. Outlook pst file

    For setting all the other things like server and profiles you can use the Office Resource Kit (ORK) to make a .MST. With that .MST file you can run custom installation of the Office .MSI file. Look for the Office Resource Kit on the microsoft site. See how that works. As I remember there are also some helpful pages that tell you how the use the ORK. When you use Office 2003, you can use this. Ro
  7. Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0

    @elajua: OK great.. I can't figure out still. Ro
  8. Backslashes

    My thought is.. follow Windows standards as much as possible. Those who know how to use those system-variables.. know how it works in the Windows commandshell. So without the backslash makes most sense. Roland
  9. Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0

    I have found a way to install Adobe Photoshop CS2 silently. That is by editing the .MSI (to not have to activate during first install, but only at first start), loading some registry settings to pass registration at first start and filling in abcpy.ini with the needed serial key. I can do the same with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 I guess. Cause I found the same key in the .MSI (Custom Action Table), also a abcpy.ini file to fill in the seriql. But I'm not sure about the registry settings to pass the registration. Why is that? Because I can's find these settings after a normal install. I'm taking about the following registry keys: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{57922B53-02D4-4DFC-AC24-A3519DC1F49A}] "EPIC_REGS_COUNT"=dword:00000000 "EPIC_REGS_LANG"=dword:00000000 "EPIC_REGS_STATE"=dword:00000002 "EPIC_REGS_TYPE"=dword:00000004 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Updater] "Enterprise"=dword:00000001 Is there someone that knows this or even better has experience with it? Ro
  10. @ Kelsenellenelvian : I will change/edit my first post. I 'tweaked' it to: Please insert next CD/DVD-ROM. Since it's quite a hassle to find out to configure CD-Switch so that it displays the LABEL at the right spot, I decided to explain a bit more about how it is done. Nice to hear it's maybe not something just for me. Roland
  11. Disable category check boxes

    I was confused as well... but downloaded the new fix, tested it, and found out it works like magic again. Great, thx! Ro
  12. CDSWITCH For those who don't know what functionality CDSWITCH adds to and unattended installation, it adds spanning your installation over multiple CD's or DVD's. Of course it kills the fully unattended goal, since you would then have to switch CD's or DVD's manually. But for those who still want it... CDSWITCH does what it does. And does it in a simple but nice way. I was testing how WPI would work with the CDSWITCH utility (described elsewhere in this forum) and found that the default CDSWITCH picture isn't matching with the style of the (classic theme) WPI interface. So I opened Photoshop and did some design myself. It's good enough for me. And maybe some of you can use it as well. This is how it looks in use: And this is the picture you can use: If you want to redesign, here's a link to the Photoshop .PSD file: .PSD Elsewhere in this forum it was explained how to use CDSWITCH from WPI. A brief summary.... combined with some of my own thoughts. To switch to a different DVD or CD use two commandlines in the configuration of that application. To switch from the original WPI-containing disk (called VRMPVOL_EN in this example) to a CD containing Office 2003 (called OFF2003 in this example). You can configure WPI like this to install Office 2003 from a seperate disk: COMMAND 1: CDSWITCH OFF2003 /g:VRMPVOL_EN /d /p:WPI.jpg /lc:FFFFFF /ls:12 /lf:"Times New Roman" /lw:400 /ll:49 /lt:13 COMMAND 2: %CDROM%\office\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Install\Unattended.MST /qb- COMMAND 3: CDSWITCH VRMPVOL_EN /g:OFF2003 /d /p:WPI.jpg /lc:FFFFFF /ls:12 /lf:"Times New Roman" /lw:400 /ll:49 /lt:13 Using the variable %CDROM% for reference to the correct drive known by WPI is of course also possible. Then you would have to use commands like below: COMMAND 1: CDSWITCH OFF2003 %CDROM% /d /p:WPI.jpg /lc:FFFFFF /ls:12 /lf:"Times New Roman" /lw:400 /ll:49 /lt:13 COMMAND 2: %CDROM%\office\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Install\Unattended.MST /qb- COMMAND 3: CDSWITCH VRMPVOL_EN %CDROM% /d /p:WPI.jpg /lc:FFFFFF /ls:12 /lf:"Times New Roman" /lw:400 /ll:49 /lt:13 The third commandline is to switch back to the original WPI-containing disk (or any other for that matter) by running CDSWITCH from that commandline again. Kelsenellenelvian explained in a previous forum-post it's probably wiser to not switch back and forth to other disks all the time. Dividing the (to be installed) applications into ranges [1 to 50], [51-100] - [101 - xxx] and burning those 'ranges' onto different (numberwise increasing) disks would be the smartest. Cause it's quite a hassle to get the position of the displayed LABEL in this custom picture correct ... I guess it's easier to see how I do that, with some explanation: CDSWITCH OFF2003 /g:VRMPVOL_EN /d /p:WPI.jpg /lc:FFFFFF /ls:12 /lf:"Times New Roman" /lw:400 /ll:49 /lt:13 OFF2003 Label off the disk (CD/DVD-ROM) that contains Office 2003. This is the disk you want the user to switch to. /g:VRMPVOL_EN This is the label of the CD/DVD-ROM that needs to be ejected, so you know in which drive you need to put the disk with label OFF2003! /d This switch suppresses the AUTORUN on the disk that will be inserted (OFF2003). /p:WPI.jpg Makes CDSWITCH use my customized picture WPI.jpg instead of the default picture. /lc:FFFFF Sets the displayed label color. In this case pure white. /ls:12 Sets the fontsize for the label. /lf:"Times New Roman" Font used to display the label. /lw:400 Weight used for the font to display the label. 800 would give you bold: /ll:49 Positions the label 49 pixels right of the default offset. Negative value would position to the left of the default (not tested!). /lt:13 Positions the label 13 pixels below the default offset. Negative value would position above default (not tested!) I use the GUI switch-generator to make it easy to play around with the switches. This can be downloaded from the CDSWITCH-post found elsewhere in this forum. I hope you can make use of it. Roland Dordrecht, The Netherlands
  13. Important news about me...

    Use WPI and this forum ONLY to feel good. Never feel obliged to do anything that's not fun. I'm relatively new to this product and this froum... but let me tell you I'm impressed by the product and the people you gathered around you to help you develop. In my opnion, that's something to feel good about... you did that. Get well, then get back. Ro
  14. Media Player

    @mritter Yep, just tested it. I missed that functionality. Practically I would like to have something louder (nuclear blast would help indeed ;-). And something that runs a longer (preferably configurable) period of time. Now I would have to run my butt off to reach the pc, click the timer to be able to check or uncheck the applications to install. Ro
  15. Well it's something much more basic I just discovered. Some application install-folders in the WPI\Install folders were unaccessable. So I suddenly realised I was looking at the probably more serious problem of disk errors. After a chkdsk I found that there were indeed index errors. They have been fixed and the problems are over. It all works again. And backups have been made! Sorry for the trouble. Ro