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Looks like a friggin' sweet game considering it's free... downloading now. :lol:

Another good free game (that was mentioned recently) is Trackmania Nations which can be downloaded from here: http://www.trackmanianations.com/indexUk.php

The bandwidth allowance isn't brilliant for downloading directly from their site, although I did find a better link by Googling the game. Completely different to America's Army as it's a racing game, but some lovely graphics and a track editor are shoved into this awesome online racing game. Worth a look if you fancy racing games.

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If you're FPS fans, try Nexuiz (alientrap.org) or Cube (cubeengine.org). Nexuiz is an Unreal Tournament-style arena multiplayer game, all free, all open-source. Cube (and its promising successor, Sauerbraten) is more like a classic Quake shooter with some mind-bogglingly hard levels. Hard as in "Here are 50 monsters. They want to kill you. Here are 5 bullets. You shoot things with them. Here's a rubber ducky. You can maybe try to use it as armor somehow if you're really creative. Have a nice day. Bye."

Nex is great fun at LAN parties and scales quite well. You can run it with very basic visuals for older hardware, or enable some really cutting-edge stuff including the HDR feature that everyone's been talking about with regard to Half Life 2...apparently really good, not much of a gamer myself so I don't know.

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