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Xbox 360 is pretty good.


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havnt seen a pc game that looks as good as GT5 or killing zone 2...so as far as it not being as powerful as a high end pc sure couldve fooled me

as it always has been it takes a more powerful pc to match the streamline and sharing that consoles advantage at

xbox for example with its P3 and geforce 3 have much better graphics than my old P3 with geforce 3 ti 500 which was barely able to get 20fps in GTA vice city...in fact try plaing halo 2 at low res with such system...it was unplayable and thats with my pc having the advantage of 512 mb's of ram.

you cant point to hardware specs and assume anything cause they are both very different in how they function to play games

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People are missing the point here, Consoles are not PC's, PC's are not consoles.

The console is now (since last generation anyways) an entertainment system for family. Now, I have an Xbox360 on live and on a Sony Bravia HDTV and with friends on games such as PGR3, DOA and COD2 - it's a barrel of laughs. My PC is very good, but you can't cram two people behind my desk to get a good screen view let alone four like the Xbox360.

They cater for different markets. You don't have to install or manually patch games, meaning it's a get up and play machine who the stupid of stupid can setup and use. Unlike a PC.

Condemned on the PC looked amazing, you can tell it was made by monolith and the graphics were just as good as my PC. Baring in mind my ATi card can do High Quality anisotropic filtering which means it can be applied to sloped surfaces.

Alot of Xbox360 titles are not 4*AA compatible as it was arranged after the development of said games.

The XBOX and other consoles are not a PC replacement, and never will be.

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Ugh... Console vs. PC... NEXT

but technically a console is a pc...

nope, it really isn't

It may use a power supply, a GPU, a main board, memory and now hard disks but things like the processors are very different when it comes to architecture.

You can't fire up a MySQL, PHP web server on a console and design a website or make a unattended windows disk.

The Xbox360 is a good console full stop, it wasn't designed for people to compare it to a PC unlike whats happening in this thread.

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I heard through the grapevines which heard it through chinese whispers that the 360 is running some form of BSD or Linux to give you the 360 GUI...

I can't wait until the PS3 is released though, haven't had a good laugh in a long time!

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