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WPI 5.1 Bug Reports

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And you both did it again, you solved the problem.

Restarting takes now 2 seconds.......COOL. :thumbup

Stick with 5.1 now.

Thanks sadicq and Djé.....where would this end without you 2. :thumbup:thumbup:thumbup

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I know that removing that code is not what a programmer would suggest, but if you look closer, the way the installer window is created permits you to skip the install close part.

I don't know exactly what you guys are working on (we are working separately), but if the installer window will remain the same, you should skip the part with the installer window closing... or at least make the wpi not create the layout and check boxes again (for a large config that takes quite a while). That was the main reason why the installer stalled. I did not write these explanations together with the fix because I was not sure whether it will work.

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