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  1. Adjusted: read whole topic (Pffff) and found answer to my question! :whistle: Nice job anyway, it's worth donating!
  2. I think it's needed to modify the file "msoobeui.dll" ( Windows\System32\oobe\msoobeui.dll) and edit the section UIFILES! There are the xml files to modify, like "duixml" and it's needed to add some lines. But i've not tried... Maybe later! I've found some help here: http://doc.trolltech.com/3.3/designer-manual-16.html#1-10 And in French: http://www.wikikou.fr/modifier-activites-fenetre-conversation-dossier-14.html I hope that will help you. Thanks ,...I'll look intoo it
  3. this is not correct. The white Background by creating the Useraccount and Passwort is not in the spwizimg.dll of boot.wim (image #2). The white Background who you can read: Installation Windows ... ... Updtates was installed Installation finished is the spwizimg.dll of boot.wim (image #2)bitmaps 516 @Beatmaster Thats correct....
  4. Yes i read that guide, things he refer to is editting the *.dll.mui files. He didn't mention the background in the account screen, only editting the setup text. To bad nobody knows what file to change to get rid of the white screen (the making an account screen).
  5. Could anyone tell me where i need to look for editting the white backgrounds of these 3 images in setup Windows 7: Making your account in setup W7 Give a password in setup W7 Completing configuration settings in setup W7 after account and pasword. Hope someone can help.... Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks Kel, mritter, and others who make it so easy for us. Will be testing right away.
  7. No way to find the right switch, al possible switch combinations give serial storing problems. And .....serial input notivications after install. Nice product anyway, sure you will fix this. Good luck!
  8. I did the same, but with a regtweak.cmd that executes in FirstLogonCommand. After making a new account and after a reboot the tweaks are onely for current user, so please tell me how to get this working. So it work....as long as you don't make any new account(s) after applying your tweaks at FirstLogonCommand. Added in my xml: <FirstLogonCommands> <SynchronousCommand wcm:action="add"> <Order>1</Order> <CommandLine>cmd /c %systemroot%\setup\scripts\regtweaks.cmd</CommandLine> </SynchronousCommand> </FirstLogonCommands> My regtweaks.cmd looks like this: @echo off REGEDIT /S %systemroot%\setup\scripts\REGTWEAKS.REG EXIT
  9. Splash.exe is a splashscreen that hides your installations during command with a nice looking picture. VMWARETOOLS.exe is a tool when testin in VMWare virtual computer.

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