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are you a fast nose typer?


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try typeing the following with your nose, see how you do... (remember: dont correct it)

WolfX2 got me to type with my nose :P

lets see how i do...

Wolfx2got me to typ3 wth my n ose ;p

*sniffle* dusty keyboard :lol:

Edited by WolfX2
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Guest sicarius100


oopsie.. forgot the capslock key, and yes, I did manage to make the ";" with nothing but my nose :thumbup:D

Edited by sicarius100
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Wollllfr X2 tg0tb mevto type wityhmy nnosssssssse )__)"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""'''';"")?""''[;p"""?"{:"p?

it took me ages to get a colon. Now my face hurts

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