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You Want to Change Your Username?


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...I think the option for changing usernames should be skinned into the boards script under (my controls) to have more options like:

1) a 24 hour dead line time for the actual change - allows the user to decline any username change during a 24 hour ...

2) any new change to the "user's name" during that time will start a new count for extra 24 hours..

* once 24 hours have passed and not tampered with then only will the new name take the place over the old one.

3) the control for changing the user name grays out or vanishes from the "controls" for six months ... to avoid abuse.

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That option is an available feature in this board design. I do not like it because its very easy to not know who anyone is anymore, and users end up losing their identity. I am a member on another forum that uses that feature and it becomes very confusing.

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Could you drop the minimum length of 3 characters and change mine to just plain X? I never get why that requirement is defaulted to 3. :unsure: I always turned it off on my boards.

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Hi, can you change my name to ajua?

I can't remember but when I first registered in this board I did it as ajua but somehow I loose the password and/or email and re-registered as elajua.


Edited by ajua
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